the truth about victoria’s secret


Raise your hand if you’ll be watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show tonight! I wish all of you could see me waving my hand about. I’ve got my wine poured and after admittedly stalking Karlie, Lily and Bella, I’m ready.

I’ll be totally honest… I get a little giddy inside when I think about the show. As a girl who grew up in the world of competitive dance—roaming around in dazzling sequins, vibrant colors, eloquent fabrics and anything that sparkled—I get all the heart eyes for the details that make this show all that it is.

While the planning and production of this monumental fashion event amazes me, I’ve seen this show evoke a negative conversation around the standard of beauty and body image over the last few years. Influencers, magazines, and brands in the fashion/style sphere often share critical content through a comical lens that elicits and fuels a negative conversation around what’s sexy. By playfully insinuating a sense of urgency to hit the gym, shaming the art of stuffing your face with a perfectly good pizza and demeaning different forms of beauty that don’t replicate the beauty strutting down the runway, we’re all contributing to a conversation that suggests a very distinct and determined definition for what constitutes beauty. Even if the intent is to be light-hearted and funny, I think this show translates as an opportunity to celebrate all forms of beauty, instead of acknowledging just one.

It’s easy to watch a fashion show like this once and subconsciously sink in to patterns of comparison and self-criticism, and I think that’s true for all of us. So, as the founder of a blog that celebrates female empowerment, body-inclusivity and women who are unabashedly themselves, I want to take the time to start a conversation where we all celebrate the things that make us beautiful. And I want you all to join me!

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(Photo // Anastasia Gentry of Chapel Lane Photography)

This past year I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with some amazing photographers in the Cincinnati area. These images are just a few shots that bring my favorite features forward and make me feel confident and beautiful. I love the way these photos compliment my eyes, my style and me doing what I love most.

View More:

(Photo // Brooke Genn of Nomadic Newlyweds)

While we’re ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the glitter and glam of tonight’s fashion show, I challenge you to remember that no matter how our sizes differ, we, as women, are united in the fact that we are all victims to self-criticism. We all have things we’d like to change about ourselves and we all have features we dislike, but when it comes to the things that make us beautiful – we’re all in this together. Defy the tendency to fixate on your shortcomings and consider a few of  the things you love about yourself instead. We’ve all got to remember that we can admire the beauty of other women without questioning our own. It’s on us to rally together, lean in to these conversations and define what beauty is on our terms. Pick out your favorite self-portrait and share it with us on Instagram using @velvetnvinyl. We can’t wait to see all the things that make you lady bosses feel like your best, most beautiful self.


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