fierce and femme: 2017 AMAs fashion


This was supposed to be a fun post about how amazing all the American Music Awards attendees looked last night. I poured myself a glass of wine and sat at my computer refreshing the Vogue coverage site, Copic markers loaded and ready to go.

As the night progressed, my excitement began to fade. I was so excited to whip out the chartreuse-colored marker I had traveled 20 minutes to purchase. I wanted to see some jewel tones and cascades of taffeta. Yet time after time, it was nothing but black. On black. On black.

While many people think that fashion is just clothing, I (and you, my savvy and brilliant darlings) know that this was no mistake. You and I recall the flood of white we saw last year as an homage to the suffragette movement. You may also have noticed the severe lack of females nominated for awards. In the wake of perhaps the largest wave of sexual assault allegations in Hollywood history, I hesitate to think that this sable salute is anything short of a declaration of girl power. Let’s begin:


First, we have Demi Lovato. She stunned the crowd in her Ester Abner gown which, though composed of delicate netting and a darling sweetheart neckline, boasted her curves in the most unapologetic way possible. Here, I like to think she is making a statement about how not-sorry she is for being a strong, loud woman. She may be packaged prettily, but she is tough as nails and wants you to know it.


Next, we have Selena Gomez who rolled up in a Coach leather jacket-dress. Honestly, I didn’t know I needed a leather jacket-dress until I saw hers last night. Santa please deliver. Anyway, like Demi, this ensemble urges viewers to ponder where the line of feminine and masculine is drawn. The form-fitting microdress is certainly a nod to the female form, but the leather, patches, and chunky hardware allude to traditional masculinity.


Last but certainly not least, we have my personal favorite look donned by none other than the young but fierce Hailee Steinfeld in a Mugler ensemble. Not only is her outfit tailored phenomenally, but it also screams “fuck with me, I dare you.” At an awards ceremony in which nearly every nominee was male (save for the female-exclusive awards) and on a red carpet flooded with impeccably-crafted suits, this peaked-lapel stunner physically challenged the men around it.

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