what it means to be a woman


A few days ago, while sipping some late night vino, “wine-ing” down from my day and clearing unwanted emails from my inbox, I happened across a subject line that caught my eye.

“101 Reasons It’s Damn Good To Be A Woman in 2017”

Prior to reading the thought-provoking Glamour article, the girl gang here at Velvet + Vinyl had given thought to what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Today we’re excited to formally launch the beginning of this series. Throughout the month of November, each boss babe on our team will share her thoughts on this opened ended issue.

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It’s damn good to be a woman in 2017. Despite the non-stop chaos that’s consuming our world right now, women are making a comeback unlike ever before. We’re leaning in, fiercely marching towards our victory, and we whole-heartedly refuse to take “no” for an answer.

When I think of what it means to be a woman in today’s world, the first thing that comes to mind is an army – I think of women by the masses, unified despite our differences while pursuing the things that align us as a force to be reckoned with. I think of relentless bravery, audacious grit, and a bold and unapologetic sense of valor.

View More: http://brookeandwilhelm.pass.us/libbythefrock

From the strides of senators, the voices of victims, fearless feminists in the film industry, full-circle inclusivity from Rihanna’s introduction of Fenty, a hail to hijabs for Muslim athletes, the meaningful nature of the #MeToo movement, increased recognition of real, untouched beauty, and the persistent and passionate madness that defined the Women’s March… these are just a few instances that demonstrate the magnitude of our womanly power fully exposed. I see it and I feel the women around me rebelling courageously in full force.

View More: http://brookeandwilhelm.pass.us/libbythefrock

I’ve been inspired to see how the women of our world have courageously refused to accept the “no’s” that have silenced our voices, confined our passions and have summoned us to mere, quiet, irrelevant corners we’ve become all too familiar with. For me, being a woman in today’s world resembles a shift where women are rising above who we once were — we’re redefining our potential and approaching our lives with the intent to meticulously invent an adventure that fuses passion and purpose. I see women defying odds, pushing borders, challenging the norm and pursuing dreams that once felt far-fetched. When I think of those women – boss babes like Reese Witherspoon, Malala Yousafzai, Rupi Kaur, Sheryl Sandberg, Sophia Bush, and Elizabeth Warren, just to name a few – these are the women I want to embody. I want to be an agent of this change. I want to stand next to women that represent all forms of conviction, grace, meaning and beauty; women who complement me and women who challenge me in my differences. I want to be surrounded by an army of bold, take-no-shit, visionary badasses who bring internal realizations forward, and translate groundbreaking, world-changing ideas to life. For me, my life and my personal goals, that is why there are 101 reasons and counting why it’s damn good to be a woman in 2017.

View More: http://brookeandwilhelm.pass.us/libbythefrock


– A million thank-you’s to Brooke Genn of Nomadic Newlyweds for making magic behind the camera and shooting the portrait photos you see here. Check out her beautiful work! Xo.

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