for those who are stuck


I’m stuck. I have been for a while and if I’m being quite honest, I’m kind of over it. Everyone around me seems to have their life together you know? And I know I’m not the first person to feel like they’re the only one who doesn’t know what comes next, but when you’re the one sitting in the hot seat it sure feels like you are. I call my current state: Nick-from-New Girl-when-he-cant-finish-his-zombie-novel. So like I said I’m stuck, but I’m on a mission to find my way out.

Lately the ladies of v+v have been passing around what inspires us and what gets us in a creative state of mind in order to produce some pretty awesome content on here. This got me thinking about just a few short months ago I was spilling with ideas and new creative endeavors to pursue but time got the best of me and school, work, and other life responsibilities seem to have muffled it all.

Now here I am with what seems like no originality left. A creative rut if you will. And sure it would be easy to hop on any social media site and mildly twist a variety of content I find there and call it my own. It’s oh-so common to do so, we see it everyday. A slightly different take on something someone else has already said or written about.

I need something different. Authentic creativity. Something I thought of and something I feel confident calling my own. I am about to have a break, I feel it. I’m on the edge of a cliff and if I can find the inspiration to give me one last push, I will finally fall upon all the ideas I’ve been hiding beneath my own nose. So, an ode to my little room that is giving me the cozy space and inspiration I need to find that last push—

This one goes out to the ones who are also stuck. Don’t worry. Sit in your most creative space and just believe you will figure it out all in good time.


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