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National Coffee Day has arrived! I’ve been so eager to share this post with you all because, let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good coffee shop recommendation? Finally, I get the chance to share some of the photos that have been stock piling in my camera roll of all my favorite places for some good coffee. For all you Oregonians in Portland, Eugene, or Corvallis I guarantee one of these spots will be a new go-to for your next coffee run.

Commissary CafeIMG_2442Processed with VSCO with c1 preset 

Tried and True (Southtown)Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

CosubeProcessed with VSCO with g3 preset

Good Coffee (Buckman)IMG_2434IMG_2447

Heart Roasters (Westside Cafe)IMG_2427IMG_2436

Glass House CoffeeIMG_2431IMG_2432

The Washburne CafeIMG_2426IMG_2425 2

Never CoffeeIMG_2422IMG_2438

Kainos CoffeeIMG_2424IMG_7349

Happy national coffee day from the ladies of V+V! Get out there and espresso yourself.

Emmy style


It’s that time of year. Fall has… fallen. Summer’s heat is excusing itself and making way for chunky knits, hot beverages, and comfort. A cold-blooded Washingtonian, I spend all summer looking forward to rainy days like this.

After weeks of wildfire smoke, merciless heat waves, and back-of-the-knee sweat (we all have it, shut up), today was also the kickoff of awards show season. Obviously, I brewed an alarmingly strong pot of coffee, slipped into some fuzzy socks, and got right to sketching my favorite looks from this year’s Emmy Awards. Without further ado, here they are:



Natalia Dyer in Vera Wang

I had no idea who Natalia Dyer was when I saw her photo from the red carpet. A quick Google search told me she was an actress in the Netflix original, Stranger Things. I have yet to watch it. I KNOW I KNOW. Anyway, this generation’s Rory Gilmore (who is only 20 by the way) rolls up in this bright green taffeta ballgown and shuts the place DOWN. Read that again: bright green taffeta ballgown. The girl that my first boyfriend cheated on me with wore a bright green taffeta ballgown to prom. She looked like a piece of shit, as most of us likely would. Natalia, however, wins this round of Emmys fashion.



Rashida Jones in J. Mendel

I studied fashion design in college and spent my whole life trying to perfect the art that is couture dressmaking. I’m not sure everyone out there understands how much effort it takes to make the little pleats that covered Rashida Jones’ dress… but let me just say it takes more patience than I have ever possessed in my entire life, combined. J. Mendel– this is exquisite. Keep doin’ you.



Thandie Newton in Jason Wu

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a slight girl-crush on Thandie Newton, despite the fact that it took me years to figure out that it was pronounced “Tan-dee.” She is so elegant always, even as a robot-prostitute-murderer like her character on HBO’s Westworld. This classic Jason Wu ballgown hits all my favorite notes– a little bit of sparkle, beautiful fit, and my all-time favorite color.

Stay tuned for more fall fashion blurbs and be sure to catch my sketches on November 8th when I decide to go hard on the hard cider [again] and sketch my way through the Country Music Association Awards! Cheers!



BP Sep3

It’s that thing that we look at down a road, not knowing where it will lead, but we keep going because what else can we do. There is no way to bypass it, it’s something that everyone has in their lives. Yet, why is it so difficult to wrestle with, to try and get some good strikes in and feel like you’re ahead?

I’d like to think that I’m a planner. I look ahead; ready to make a game plan for what comes next. That’s just how I am. Maybe it started in middle school when teachers made us use an actual planner to copy down due dates, quizzes and tests, attempting to mold organized students. It naturally turned into a habit. Now, there are many things that I start to plan that can’t be written down with a due date next to it. Plans like moving to New York or the start date of my dream job can be made, but factors outside of our own control can dictate when that happens, creating a cloud of uncertainty.

That uncertainty makes me want to pull all the bed sheets above my head and blast some Hilary Duff circa 2003. Not even the worlds best planner could plan around what uncertainty brings.

BP Sep2

With summer starting to wrap up and fall fast approaching, I look back and feel as if I’ve been in a state of limbo. I just accomplished one really huge thing, yet I’m ready to start accomplishing something even bigger. I’m on the edge of my seat, ready to start my career in my dream city. I have a plan; I’m ready to make the jump, but that uncertainty creeps back up.

Here’s the thing, some things will always be out of your control, no matter how far in advance you plan. It can be easy to let the unknown and the uncertain hold you back and keep you put. However, you can’t let it stop you. Crawl back up from under those sheets, give Hilary a break and keep going.

Embrace it.

BP Sep