meet matti

V+V, meet Matti. She’s our new content creator and we’re so stoked to have her join our girl gang!
Matti is a creative powerhouse and is full of inspiration. In addition to revamping V+V’s Tumblr, she’s bringing her eye for aesthetic to our Instagram page and her flair for vintage to the blog.
Read below to learn more about Matti + keep your eyes peeled for more of her amazing work coming soon.

meet matti

What do you love most about photography? I love photography because it gives me the ability to capture my perspective in a creative way.

How do you reinvent your sense your creativity? Every time I feel the need to get inspired, I go out and find a new cute shop or neighborhood that I haven’t been to and just walk around to try and find something that sparks my interest.

Who do you listen to when you’re editing photos? When I’m editing photos, my current go-to artists to listen to are LANY, Jackson Dyer, or Jack Johnson if I’m feeling a more calming/nostalgic vibe.


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