feelin’ smitten


All the heart eyes for this new post because Smitten issue II is finally here.

We collaborated with Shop Libby in Downtown Cincinnati to style this shoot and made straight magic. A local boutique with hand-picked pieces and hand-crafted jewelry, Shop Libby has an edge to it that doesn’t quite compare to mainstream retailers. The character of the brand exudes cool, collected confidence that translates in the feel of every look.

1smitten vol 2 pages3Can you really have a photoshoot without a LBD?45Truth be told, hats aren’t typically my go-to accessory. Still, I decided to defy my comfort zone and silence the self-doubt, and styled this look with minimalistic jewelry and a soft-feel, charcoal colored tee. 6This heart ring is a handmade piece made by Libby, the owner of the shop, and is a subtle, seamless accessory for every look. 78

Takeaways from this issue of Smitten? Dare to wear the things you can’t pull off. Happy styling.

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