may goals


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At the beginning of each month the ladies of Velvet + Vinyl are asked to come up with goals to work towards. There is no limit to what a goal can be and they range from personal goals to big ideas and what we want for the blog. This month, we decided to share our goals in hope that it will motivate you to set your own.

As for me, one of my goals is to focus on self-love and self care. The chaos of life sometimes throws routine out the window and demands attention elsewhere. It doesn’t appear that things will be slowing down anytime soon, so I want to commit to taking a bit of time focus on myself without losing sight of all of my commitments and priorities. It is as simple as watching my eating habits and listening to my body to eat better and disconnecting from technology to get creative and work on some art.

Another goal is to see this blog grow and continue to build relationships with our readers. I wouldn’t be part of this team if I didn’t believe in and have passion for what Velvet + Vinyl is all about. I have nothing but big dreams for V+V and can’t wait to see where May takes us.


My goal for this month is to be more rebellious.

In the past few weeks I’ve been confined to my comfort zone, and I’m determined to challenge that. I want to abandon my inclination to stick with what’s safe and instead find the courage to pursue the thrill of the unknown. I want to feed my curiosity and follow through with the goals and to-do’s I’ve overlooked.


This month, I want to work more deeply on finessing my editing style, and really expanding on new concepts for shoots and video for both the fashion and music industry. Continuing to reach out to artists will be a running goal for the next few months.

Additionally, I want to work more in video. Now that I have my new editing system, I will have more resources to make editing extra clean.

I want to collaborate with lostboycrow in an interview and do a ticket giveaway for mother mother during the month of May.

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To shoot a look book with a Portland company I have been talking to. The girl is amazing and I would love to promote how girl next door and effortless the company is/

See how to transform an art pieces into a post that fits the V+V aesthetic.


My goals mainly are to continue to grow in a way that is effective in helping me discover my true passions and style when it comes to fashion, music, art and all things creative. I’ve been recently digging into what I want to do in the future regarding a career and I’ve come to realize I am very passionate about pursuing things I didn’t even recognize that I was before (such as photography and different art styles as opposed to just writing).

I also plan on reaching out to more members of the team to try to get to know them more.


My goals for myself this month is to learn to live a healthier lifestyle. I’m finally home from school and I’m using this time to reset and focus on bettering myself.


My goals are to have 1500 of followers by end of may and to learn how to use DSLR.


My goals is to get us to 1000 followers this month on the Instagram and to keep taking photos that align with our Insta aesthetic yet are still high quality.

Get inspired by the ambitious goals of our girl gang and set some for yourself!

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