shop talk with fyohna 


We had the opportunity to chat with electro-pop duo FYOHNA. They’re playing a show at Hawthorne Theatre in Portland this week, and we are looking forward to keeping up with them on their tour! Check the interview below for more info on this badass duo.

vv: Tell us a little about yourselves as a group. What do you want people to know about you?

f: We are a duo from Los Angles and we are just really excited to be get to share our music! We hope people like the EP and we are just hoping to meet a lot of people/make some new friends on this tour, so if you make it to one of our shows and like what you hear, please come say hi! vv: How did you get the name FYOHNA? 
f: We wanted our band name to be something that represented both of us. FYOHNA is sort of an alter ego, someone who can take responsibility for all the things that I say.  

vv: What was the inspiration behind your single “Ghost Heart”? Tell us what went into making this single the success it is with 189,000 streams on Spotify, and recognition from online ‘zines all over the web?
f: I don’t really like telling people exactly what my songs are about because my favorite thing about writing music is seeing how other people interpret it. For me, that is where the real magic happens, and I don’t like to mess with that. I will say that “Ghost Heart” is inspired by a personal experience and it’s all about unapologetic empowerment.  

vv:  Do you believe that style plays a role in who you are as creative individuals and as a band? If so, how? If not, what does give you your “creative edge”?
f: Style has so much to do with who we are as a band. We both love visuals. We love coming up with ideas of what our music looks like. When we were making the “Ghost Heart” music video and coming up with what people were going to wear, I remember thinking “if “Ghost Heart” was an article of clothing, what would it be?” It was incredible to watch the music take on a new form, it was as if we were writing the song again, but instead of creating music and lyrics we were creating a style.  

vv: Who do you look to for creative inspiration? This could be ANY kind of inspiration; music, art, fashion, writing, Instagram related accounts, nature, articles, magazines, whatever!

f: We love St. Vincent. Everything about her. Her music, her visuals, her outfits. Everything. 
vv: How has your West Coast Tour been thus far? What are the best parts and most difficult parts about being on tour?
f: So far our tour has been great! We love it. The best part is getting to be somewhere else and experience new things and meet new people. We have loved connecting with people and just sort of becoming a part of things for a little while. The most difficult part of being on tour is just being able to adapt to and quickly work out anything that’s not going as planned. There haven’t been too many hiccups so far, but we did have a show get canceled in Seattle and we had to quickly find somewhere else to play. But we did it, and it worked out.  

vv:  What advice can we give you guys about playing a show in Portland? What (most likely) weird things have you heard about this city, and what are you excited about?
f: Please tell us the best places to eat! We love food. I haven’t heard any super weird things about Portland, but I have been wanting to visit Portland for a very long time. I know I’m going to love it and I know we are both very excited to get to explore the city.  

vv: How does song writing work for you guys? Does one person write? Do both of you write? What is your creative process for writing?
f: Our songwriting process is very fluid. We often trade roles. I almost always write the lyrics, but everything else if very collaborative. Sometimes I’ll start a song and Elliot will add his side to things and sometimes he’ll start a beat or instrumental and I’ll add to it.  

vv: The upcoming EP that is coming out on April 28th. How excited are you guys to release it? What can you tell us about it?
f: We are SO EXCITED to release the EP. We have worked really hard on it and just can’t wait to share it. Our release show is going to be April 30th at The Echoplex in Los Angeles.  

vv: Tell us about what you see for the immediate future of FYOHNA. What should we be looking out for? More tours? Music?
f: We have definitely been writing a ton of brand new music and even making new videos. We definitely have some exciting things in the works. We love playing, so you can definitely expect more shows in LA and tours.  

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