pretty in pink– and in every color


My mom once told me I had an old soul, and 13-year-old me could not have hated that any more. Then, at 16 a palm reader told me the same thing. Now, 18-year-old me has  finally come to accept and embrace that part of myself. This meaning I have succumb to my nearly dangerous adoration for the traditionally romantic, resourcefully unique fashion, and the entirety of the creative era that was the ‘80s. The sheer magic that encapsulated the movie, music and fashion industry at the time has no doubt influenced and inspired the generations before it to this day.

DSC_0662 (1)DSC_0657 (1)In particular, scenes from the ever-so-classic Pretty In Pink have been inescapable. Molly Ringwald plays the remarkable Andie, who, in 96 minutes taught me exactly what I needed to hear as a millennial struggling to bear confidence and fearlessness in myself, and my style.

DSC_0671 (1)

u2 band tee, forever21 choker

DSC_0606 (1)Do not think you need to rely on anyone else. You are your own greatest advocate, and nobody can knock you down if you simply get back up and show them that you won’t let them.

Shamelessly express yourself through your stylistic personality. What you wear, the music that inspires you, and how you tie these together to present who you are or want to be is completely and endlessly up to you.

DSC_0677 (1)

forever21 palazzo pants

DSC_0666 (1)

Italian street market sneakers

DSC_0630 (1)Scrappiness and creativity is key to success in a generation where competition is an inevitable obstacle. Socioeconomic status says nothing about character nor does it have a hold on your ability to display your individuality through fashion. Your ability to make beautiful art out of nothing induces necessary creativity in your own style and builds confidence in your abilities to produce the amazing.Molly-Ringwald-Pretty-In-Pink-Movie-Style-1 (dragged)

You have one, single, little life to do you… so dress quirky, listen to the originals, and be unapologetically you.

I took some random pieces from my closet and put together something that, for me, was highly daring. When I bought the ever-so-bold pinstripe pants I thought “what would Andie do” and then I did it. I bought the adventurous pants and matched them harmoniously with an old U2 band tee to create something all new. Completely not my typical style choice, but it felt very right. It didn’t look like much on the hangers, but what stitched together and brought to life, this outfit made me feel creative, inventive, unstoppable.

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