I’ll be honest, I don’t go out and see movies very often. I’m more of the wait-until-it-comes-out-on-DVD-so-I-don’t-have-to-put-on-pants kind of girl. That doesn’t mean I don’t obsess over the Oscars. And by “the Oscars” I mostly mean the part before the awards ceremony where you’d normally find Joan Rivers (God rest her silicone soul) making some ridiculous and would-be insulting commentary  on the celebrities we love the most. Karlie Kloss, Hailee Steinfeld, Isabelle Huppert, Emma Roberts, Michelle Williams, Chrissy Teigen, Felicity Jones, Auli’i Cravalho specifically caught my eye this year. The 2017 Oscars were a flurry of white. This was no accident. We saw it when Hillary Clinton won the Democratic candidacy, and again at Donald Trump’s inauguration. It’s no secret that our favorite pantsuit-rocking badass ladyboss has taken it upon herself to remind us just how far we’ve come as women, and how much farther we’ve yet to go. I felt it only appropriate that I, being the outspoken, annoying feminist that I am, should take a page from her book and dedicate my first post to the official color of the OG suffragettes.


photos by kristin coffman


shop libby photoshoot


New photoshoot comin’ at you live! I recently partnered with Libby Shop of downtown Cincinnati to style and shoot in the Queen City and I’m so excited to share a sneak peek of Smitten vol. II with all of you.

We focused on styling the traditional V+V color palette with some bold new pieces including round gold drop earrings, a skeleton-style drape necklace, a gray hat and a blush colored tunic.

// FYI – while I do happen to share a name with this sweet boutique, it is not mine.

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photo by: patrick szabo

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photo by: patrick szabo

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photo by sarah bennett

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photo by sarah bennett

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photo by sarah bennett

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photo by sarah bennett

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photo by sarah bennett

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photo by patrick szabo

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photo by patrick szabo

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photo by patrick szabo

A special thanks to the other Libby, founder of Shop Libby, for working with me to style these looks + bring this shoot to life!

i love you, los angeles 


Sometimes, people feel like they are born in the wrong time period. 

For me, I was born in the wrong state.

Los Angeles has had my heart for the last 4 years, and every time I go back a little piece of me is left. 

Here’s a little Los Angeles mood board that hopefully brings you babes feelings of happiness and warmth the same way it does me. Enjoy. Xo

pretty in pink– and in every color


My mom once told me I had an old soul, and 13-year-old me could not have hated that any more. Then, at 16 a palm reader told me the same thing. Now, 18-year-old me has  finally come to accept and embrace that part of myself. This meaning I have succumb to my nearly dangerous adoration for the traditionally romantic, resourcefully unique fashion, and the entirety of the creative era that was the ‘80s. The sheer magic that encapsulated the movie, music and fashion industry at the time has no doubt influenced and inspired the generations before it to this day.

DSC_0662 (1)DSC_0657 (1)In particular, scenes from the ever-so-classic Pretty In Pink have been inescapable. Molly Ringwald plays the remarkable Andie, who, in 96 minutes taught me exactly what I needed to hear as a millennial struggling to bear confidence and fearlessness in myself, and my style.

DSC_0671 (1)

u2 band tee, forever21 choker

DSC_0606 (1)Do not think you need to rely on anyone else. You are your own greatest advocate, and nobody can knock you down if you simply get back up and show them that you won’t let them.

Shamelessly express yourself through your stylistic personality. What you wear, the music that inspires you, and how you tie these together to present who you are or want to be is completely and endlessly up to you.

DSC_0677 (1)

forever21 palazzo pants

DSC_0666 (1)

Italian street market sneakers

DSC_0630 (1)Scrappiness and creativity is key to success in a generation where competition is an inevitable obstacle. Socioeconomic status says nothing about character nor does it have a hold on your ability to display your individuality through fashion. Your ability to make beautiful art out of nothing induces necessary creativity in your own style and builds confidence in your abilities to produce the amazing.Molly-Ringwald-Pretty-In-Pink-Movie-Style-1 (dragged)

You have one, single, little life to do you… so dress quirky, listen to the originals, and be unapologetically you.

I took some random pieces from my closet and put together something that, for me, was highly daring. When I bought the ever-so-bold pinstripe pants I thought “what would Andie do” and then I did it. I bought the adventurous pants and matched them harmoniously with an old U2 band tee to create something all new. Completely not my typical style choice, but it felt very right. It didn’t look like much on the hangers, but what stitched together and brought to life, this outfit made me feel creative, inventive, unstoppable.

shop talk with fyohna 


We had the opportunity to chat with electro-pop duo FYOHNA. They’re playing a show at Hawthorne Theatre in Portland this week, and we are looking forward to keeping up with them on their tour! Check the interview below for more info on this badass duo.

vv: Tell us a little about yourselves as a group. What do you want people to know about you?

f: We are a duo from Los Angles and we are just really excited to be get to share our music! We hope people like the EP and we are just hoping to meet a lot of people/make some new friends on this tour, so if you make it to one of our shows and like what you hear, please come say hi! vv: How did you get the name FYOHNA? 
f: We wanted our band name to be something that represented both of us. FYOHNA is sort of an alter ego, someone who can take responsibility for all the things that I say.  

vv: What was the inspiration behind your single “Ghost Heart”? Tell us what went into making this single the success it is with 189,000 streams on Spotify, and recognition from online ‘zines all over the web?
f: I don’t really like telling people exactly what my songs are about because my favorite thing about writing music is seeing how other people interpret it. For me, that is where the real magic happens, and I don’t like to mess with that. I will say that “Ghost Heart” is inspired by a personal experience and it’s all about unapologetic empowerment.  

vv:  Do you believe that style plays a role in who you are as creative individuals and as a band? If so, how? If not, what does give you your “creative edge”?
f: Style has so much to do with who we are as a band. We both love visuals. We love coming up with ideas of what our music looks like. When we were making the “Ghost Heart” music video and coming up with what people were going to wear, I remember thinking “if “Ghost Heart” was an article of clothing, what would it be?” It was incredible to watch the music take on a new form, it was as if we were writing the song again, but instead of creating music and lyrics we were creating a style.  

vv: Who do you look to for creative inspiration? This could be ANY kind of inspiration; music, art, fashion, writing, Instagram related accounts, nature, articles, magazines, whatever!

f: We love St. Vincent. Everything about her. Her music, her visuals, her outfits. Everything. 
vv: How has your West Coast Tour been thus far? What are the best parts and most difficult parts about being on tour?
f: So far our tour has been great! We love it. The best part is getting to be somewhere else and experience new things and meet new people. We have loved connecting with people and just sort of becoming a part of things for a little while. The most difficult part of being on tour is just being able to adapt to and quickly work out anything that’s not going as planned. There haven’t been too many hiccups so far, but we did have a show get canceled in Seattle and we had to quickly find somewhere else to play. But we did it, and it worked out.  

vv:  What advice can we give you guys about playing a show in Portland? What (most likely) weird things have you heard about this city, and what are you excited about?
f: Please tell us the best places to eat! We love food. I haven’t heard any super weird things about Portland, but I have been wanting to visit Portland for a very long time. I know I’m going to love it and I know we are both very excited to get to explore the city.  

vv: How does song writing work for you guys? Does one person write? Do both of you write? What is your creative process for writing?
f: Our songwriting process is very fluid. We often trade roles. I almost always write the lyrics, but everything else if very collaborative. Sometimes I’ll start a song and Elliot will add his side to things and sometimes he’ll start a beat or instrumental and I’ll add to it.  

vv: The upcoming EP that is coming out on April 28th. How excited are you guys to release it? What can you tell us about it?
f: We are SO EXCITED to release the EP. We have worked really hard on it and just can’t wait to share it. Our release show is going to be April 30th at The Echoplex in Los Angeles.  

vv: Tell us about what you see for the immediate future of FYOHNA. What should we be looking out for? More tours? Music?
f: We have definitely been writing a ton of brand new music and even making new videos. We definitely have some exciting things in the works. We love playing, so you can definitely expect more shows in LA and tours.  

a single sweeter than cinnamon gum

“So sweet, so strong like cinnamon gum…”


The leading line in the chorus of Mags Duval’s newest single, these lyrics encompass so much more than the irresistible longing for the one that got away. Mags has a captivating Lana Del Ray sound, a voice that is a hybrid of sweet and strong, and a spunky, retro style that adds to her cool-girl vibe. Cinnamon Gum has quickly become one of my favorite songs, and I can’t wait for you to see why.


submitted photo


V+V: When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

MD: I’ve been singing my whole life, honestly. My parents took so many home videos of my brothers and I and I was singing in pretty much all of them. I can’t really trace it back to a certain moment!


V+V: You just released your newest single, Cinnamon Gum. What inspired this track? MD: I went on a date with this guy – he was wearing a denim jacket with a pack of igarettes in one pocket and a pack of cinnamon gum in the other. Things didn’t work out between us, but the taste of cinnamon gum always reminded me of him.



submitted photo

V+V: What’s your process for writing a song?

MD: It depends on the song! Sometimes I’m up at midnight playing piano or guitar, sometimes I’m just driving and I hear a melody in my head, sometimes I’m trying to fall asleep and I have a lyric idea so I write it down.

V+V: If you could share one message with the world through your music, what would it be? 

MD: Be honest, be real, have authentic relationships, treat people with love and respect. Being surrounded by people you love and making them feel loved is so important.

V+V: What motivates your music? What inspires your lyrics? 

MD: My family is a huge motivation to me. They’ve always been there for me and told me I can do anything I set my mind to. My lyrics have always been a direct-line to my personal life. My songwriting is basically the way I process everything.


submitted photo

V+V: What role does style play in terms of how you represent yourself on and off stage?

MD: I have about two different looks in my life: a sweatshirt and yoga pants or dresses and heels. I love being feminine – cat eyes and a bold lip are always a must! I like to be a little more dramatic on stage, but I’d say my style is pretty consistently classic with a modern edge.

V+V: How does your personal style translate in photo shoots, album artwork + music videos? 

MD: You’ll see different sides of my style depending on the storyline I’m trying to convey in artwork, videos etc. I love when anything visual makes you feel some kind of emotion that ties in with a song.


submitted photo

V+V: Being a woman in such a competitive industry can be difficult. What have you learned and what advice do you have for other women in the pursuit of big dreams?
MD: Comparison really is the thief of all joy. Envy is denying your own uniqueness. I’m pretty sure those are both quotes I read on Pinterest, but they are so true! You have to stay focused on your own path and accept that your journey might not look the same as anyone else’s. No matter what, stay true to who you are and never lose sight of where you came from and why you started.

The music industry needs her sugar and spice. Stay tuned for more from Mags!

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drinkin’ with chelsea bain


Today, country rock artist and badass babe Chelsea Bain released her first EP, Drinkin’ Alone. A true country girl raised on a farm in Arizona surrounded by horses and Nascar, she has an authentic sound to boot.

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Chelsea has that refreshing but powerful voice that is reminiscent of current artists like Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, but also has that old-school Pam Tillis vibe. Listening to her EP has me wishing for a “Maybe it was Memphis” cover.

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Considering current country music is gravitating towards more of a pop sound than traditional country, Chelsea’s soulful and heartfelt sound will no doubt remind us why country music is the anthem of the USA. With clever lyrics and a likable melody, you will no doubt find yourself singing these songs to yourself throughout the day.

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Chelsea is also an artist that mixes equal parts of country and rock. She caters to many different music lovers and will blow the socks off of anyone who thinks they dislike the genre. A badass girl with a badass sound, there is nothing delicate about Miss Chelsea Bain, and we honestly can’t get enough.

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I’ll be the first, but certainly not the last, to say that Chelsea Bain is giving current country starlets a run for their money. We look forward to seeing where this firecracker talent goes from here! Check out her EP on Spotify + iTunes

celebrating spring Anthropologie style


As spring arrives we transition to shorter hemlines, printed fabrics and open toed shoes. Anthropologie gave us some serious inspiration at their Spring fashion show. Featuring a diverse line-up of models aged 17 to 70, it was amazing to see women come together and bond over fashion for the night. The fashion industry can be cut-throat, competitive and toxic, so to see women in different walks of life come together in the pursuit of a common goal was truly empowering. It was also neat to see each woman portray her own personality and style on the runway. 

Trends throughout the show included embroidery, vibrant prints and statement earrings, as well as the go-to seasonal accessory of sunglasses.

Here’s a peek at some of our favorite looks from the show. Soak it in, ladies! Spring is here and it’s time to style with sunshine and warm weather in mind. 

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Back in December, we collaborated with Will Leather Goods on a pretty rad photoshoot courtesy of our very own Kristin Coffman.

After months of planning, Velvet + Vinyl is ecstatic to launch the beginning of a new series. Smitten is our new zine-inspired project that will embody the work we do with our favorite brands. As a separate entity of the blog, these lookbooks will mirror our style and design while showcasing photoshoots, photographers and fashion brands. Take a look at some of our favorite WLG products below!

Huge shoutout to our creative director Gabrielle Gomez for designing issue no. 1! Stay tuned for more.




V+V lookbooks are a deliverable for every photoshoot we coordinate. If you’re interested in collaborating, shoot us a message! We’d love to hear from you. Xo.


photos by: Kristin Coffman |designed by: Gabrielle Gomez