meet rachele

V+V readers, meet Rachele Terranova. She’s the newest addition to our girl gang and we’re over the moon to have this boss lady join our team! Get to know this rad babe and keep your eye out for her work.
1.) What one piece in your wardrobe best embodies you? Definitely my jean jacket! It’s so versatile. I bought it for $1.20 at a thrift store and it was one of my best purchases. I can dress it up or dress it down, and it can be styled to be edgy or super girly. I like that I can channel some throwback vibes with it or make it look more modern. It’s that one, all encompassing piece that will always be timeless and effortless.
2.) Where do you go to get inspired? If I’m really looking to get inspired for a particular reason, like an article or piece of artwork I’m doing, I tend to look to Instagram. I love to go through the pages of really empowering, inspirational and influential women. They get me fired up about what I’m doing, and thus ready to create. If these women can be as strong and confident as they are, so can I!
3.) Of all your favorite records, which one do you play most? Why? I usually gravitate toward indie/alternative and singer/songwriter artists, but when it comes to a favorite record, I always find myself going back to my all time favorite song. Piano Man by Billy Joel is my go to, pick me up song. I have so amazing many memories associated with this song. Like the jean jacket, it’s such a classic.

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