standing up


As women, we exist in a critical, judgmental world. We compete, we are beat over the head with the notion that we aren’t enough, we are critiqued. We endure and persist. This reality suggests a need for women to stand up.

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This world fails to convince us that we deserve respect. So lately, I’ve been seeking it. I’ve found it to be liberating to take control of your own life and to shed the toxic energy. Whether its friends who don’t reciprocate an effort, a job that doesn’t fulfill you or a family member you doesn’t add value to your life, stand up against the things that don’t make you better.

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One of my favorite quotes reads: “No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent”. I took these words to heart over the last few weeks and have held myself accountable for believing them. I discontinued my involvement with two different organizations where I was no longer growing. I distanced myself from relationships that radiated negativity. I stopped investing my energy in people who didn’t encourage me, and instead I started working on myself.

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All the women reading this need to let the following truth seep in to their minds and hearts. You are worthy. You have potential and a future full of wonderful things. Take control of your life and surround yourself with people who celebrate the person you want to be. The ladies of Velvet + Vinyl are like a family to me, some of whom I talk to daily. It is truly a blessing to find positive, like minded people who push you to strive for your best. Libby, our founder, and I talk daily and without her support and uplifting attitude, I wouldn’t have been able to stand up. Each and every member of this girl gang brings something so special to the team and I have never been happier to be apart of such a badass team of ladies. Wherever you may be in life, regardless of what you might be up against, I hope you find whatever inspiration will empower you to stand up.

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