when everything converges


As young creatives, it is not uncommon to find ourselves at the center of a schedule tornado. Job duties, activities outside of work, portfolio building, school perhaps, a second job perhaps, more creative work, errands.

Sometimes, it all converges at once.

In times like these, when I feel completely overwhelmed with stress, oftentimes the first things I eliminate from my overbearing schedule are my dabblings in fashion and music.

Although fashion and music are my greatest passions, when I’m posed with busy situations that require the elimination of one or two activities, my ventures in fashion and music often feel the most expendable. But, these are the things that feed my soul and at the end of the day, these activities are equally as important to my mental health as my job duties and school activities are to my financial and professional health.

So when everything converges, how can we as fashion and music lovers alleviate some of this stress? How can we maintain fashion and music in our daily lives when we really feel like we have no time at all?  Here’s how I do it.

First, it’s absolutely imperative that as a creative person, you give yourself an outlet. When I’m feeling stressed, I take *only five* minutes to doodle. It can make a big difference in settling my brain.

Getting stuck in a rut can give me massive amounts of insurmountable anxiety. By hopping on hype machine or checking out my Spotify discover every Monday or checking out who the FADER is raving about is always a sure way to keep me from getting stuck in a too familiar pattern. Also, new music is never a bad idea.

Personally, I am predisposed to sad music. I like music that makes me feel, and oftentimes artists like PVRIS, Elliot Smith or OG Halsey will do the trick. But-steer clear of music you KNOW perpetuates sad moods. I know we have a tendency to seek our sad music to help us revel in our self pity, but avoid doing this when you’re stressed or overwhelmed. Sad or dark music is okay. Music that deliberately makes you sad probably won’t help you overcome your stress.

As a student and lover of fashion, I think I speak for most like me when I say I feel my best in a composed, thought out and stylish outfit. For some it’s sweatpants and a teeshirt. For me, it’s my Zara jeans, my Alexander McQueen tunic and my r.soles London boots. As a fashionista, when you find yourself in the heart of the storm, GET YASELF TOGETHER. Wake up, put something on that makes you feel GOOD, and walk out the door. When you feel as though you have no control over your life, fashion will ALWAYS hand you the reigns to wrangle it back. You get to decide everyday how you look, so even when you’re tired, choose confident. Your whole outlook on the day will change if you start with a deliberate choice.

Who else does that thing called taking a nap or sitting on Instagram when you have a million other things you should be doing? Do your best to plan ahead when you’re busy, so you have time to take care of yourself and do something creative in your downtime. I’m the biggest perpetrator here, but I’m working on it. Put together a written list of things to get done, and the times to get them done by. This will help you keep accountable and leave you time to do more fun things later.

Find musicians, artists or fashion pioneers you admire, and read a biography or article about them. What you’ll most likely find is they had to persevere through extreme trials and undergo a great deal of stress to get where they are. Use these people as an inspiration to carry on. My suggestions would be Blood Beneath The Skin, an Alexander McQueen novel, the Lemmy documentary on Netflix (Motörhead), or any Chanel bio you can find.

This works every time. If I can find twenty minutes in the midst of my running around, I will find an antique shop or second hand clothing shop and just wander. There is something liberating and extremely reassuring about being in a place that sees value in things that have been used, or are “tired.” Remember, no matter how used up to tired you feel, you have value and you will overcome.

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