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Over the last year or so, I started to become super passionate about vinyl. My mom used to collect records when she was my age, and once I was gifted my very own Crosley for my birthday I couldn’t wait to start one of my own. One of my favorite places to shop for records in the Cincinnati area is a shop in Pleasant Ridge, Everybody’s Records. I spend enough time (and money) there and thought it would be really cool to interview one of the guys who helps run the shop, Woody Dorsey.

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1.) What got you interested in records? Music bug bit me at young age due to the fact my older brother had a music collection. He was 9 years older and when I’d hang out at his apartment as a young kid he allowed me to play and listen to his records.

2.) What did you grow up listening to? Growing up listened lots of different stuff. Bands would include U2, Ramones, Bob Marley, Run DMC, Billy Idol, Eric B , Lee Perry, INXS, etc etc.

3.) What was the first record you bought? First Record was AC/DC Back In Black at Woolworths back in 8th grade. LOoong time ago.

4.) Why do you think vinyl is coming back as a popular form of listening to music today? Records are more of a physical experience. Not only hearing but seeing it spin, and reading the notes of who played or produced it. It’s also like having a art collection that you can listen to.

5.) What are your current top picks in music?  Current favorites are Sturgill Simpson, Gregory Porter, Thievery Corporation, Marty Stuart.

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jeans+graphic tee- forever 21 coat -leeli & lou boots- sam edelman

Talk about aesthetics being on point. Their collection is so dreamy + versatile it’s a shop made for any music lover. Everybody’s Records seems to fulfill my indie rock, eighties pop, rock n’ roll, and hip-hop needs whenever I pop in for a visit. (which for my bank account is more so than necessary).

I loved Woody’s point on vinyl being a physical experience with music. Vinyl is a tangible relationship with music and I love that. Que the nerd alert, but I personally look forward to the packaging and graphic design of an album release on vinyl. Music is directly correlated with memories, people, places, things, and having that relationship with music to physically cherish is an amazing thing.

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Since Woody was gracious enough to chat with me and share his current top picks in music, I decided to curate a playlist of my current top picks in music for you all as well! The link below will take you directly to my playlist via Spotify.

my current top picks


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