foxtrot & the get down


So excited to bring you guys an inside look at Foxtrot & the Get Down tonight! This Philadelphia-based band is incredibly rad and we’re humbled to have had a chance to get to know them. Check out more of their music on Spotify.

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all photos submitted by band from the Underground Arts with The Arkells | Philadelphia, PA

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset1.) How did Foxtrot & The Get Down come to be?

Foxtrot started on a dorm floor in West Chester university. Colin and Ken shared similar music interests and started writing together. Erica met Colin while waiting tables in college and the two instantly clicked over their love for Otis Redding. After “Roots Too Deep” was recorded, Eric, Colin’s cousin, came into the fold and Jimmy soon followed.

2.) What message do you hope your music shares with the world?

Our music is simple, it’s relatable. We want people to find the honesty in the music and to discover parallels in their own lives.

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3.) Of everything you have recorded, what’s your favorite song and why?

We all collectively have our personal favorites, but “Black Coffee” has a special place in our hearts. It sums up our new record and shows our love for our families, and of our hometown of Philadelphia.

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4.) What inspires your lyrics?

each project is different, but “roots” is really autobiographical. This record is a story about our travels in our time as a band and our love and respect for Philadelphia. Who knows what the next record will be about. We’ll see in the next few months.

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5.) Do you have some sort of creative process that guides the process from starting to finishing a song?

Each project is different, but “Roots” is particularly autobiographical. This record is a story that documents our travels in our time as a band, in addition to our love and respect for the city of Philadelphia. Who knows what the next record will be about.

6.) Where do you hope to take your music moving forward?

We’re all in. We intend to take this thing as far as we possibly can. We’ve done everything we need to to succeed, we have a great team and we’re working harder than ever.

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7.) What role does style play in terms of how you represent yourselves as individuals on and off stage?

As we’ve gotten bigger, we’ve really made it a point to have a strong image, almost a band “uniform”. We strive to establish a classic, American style that relates across generations. Shouts to Levi’s!

8.) What advice do you have for aspiring musicians?

Keep pushing. Align yourself with good people and always look for the next opportunity. Never let money influence your decisions, and always keep your head up.

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unchained fashion


A huge misconception in society today is that sex trafficking is an issue that is only faced by foreign countries. In reality, people in our very own cities are being trafficked and thus contribute to an estimated $150 billion industry. The targeted age group is under 18, specifically between the ages of 11 and 14.

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unchained fashion show at the ohio state university

To help combat this growing industry, Unchained, a non-profit organization, was started in Columbus, OH. Their objective is to feature a fashion line designed by season 5 Project Runway designer, Korto Momolu, to educate the public on the extremity of sex slavery. They create abolitionists out of high schools, universities, local businesses and organizations and have demonstrated tremendous impact.

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backstage before the show

The fashion shows tell a story of a survivor from bondage to liberation through models and a narrator. The models are students. All women, despite her weight, height, and skin tone, are encouraged to take part in the show.

I had the opportunity to shadow the people that coordinate and direct the show, and it was incredibly eye-opening. Before the models took on the runway, one of the founders said, “There is so much more to you than your beautiful hair and makeup. You are worth it.” Not only is this an inspiring and transformative experience for the viewers, but also for the people who are directly involved in the organization.

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“beauty isn’t your currency, it is your truth”

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“no longer objectified but dignified”

Unchained also has a Survivor Scholarship fund that empowers individuals that have been removed from the sex trafficking industry. Education plays a pivotal role in empowering survivors and translates as an opportunity to be financially independent and to maintain a career in place of prostitution. It resembles a paramount shift in the lives of these individuals.

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founder, Stephanie Catani, giving closing remarks after the show

If you would like to learn more about Unchained and how you can get involved, I highly recommend you check out their website. This is only the beginning for this organization. Awareness and education are both so powerful, and it’s neat to see this organization using fashion to establish a purpose in advocating for such a prominent and important issue. It is imperative that we take advantage of the tools we have access to to change the lives of people all over the world – even those in our own backyards.


meet rachele

V+V readers, meet Rachele Terranova. She’s the newest addition to our girl gang and we’re over the moon to have this boss lady join our team! Get to know this rad babe and keep your eye out for her work.
1.) What one piece in your wardrobe best embodies you? Definitely my jean jacket! It’s so versatile. I bought it for $1.20 at a thrift store and it was one of my best purchases. I can dress it up or dress it down, and it can be styled to be edgy or super girly. I like that I can channel some throwback vibes with it or make it look more modern. It’s that one, all encompassing piece that will always be timeless and effortless.
2.) Where do you go to get inspired? If I’m really looking to get inspired for a particular reason, like an article or piece of artwork I’m doing, I tend to look to Instagram. I love to go through the pages of really empowering, inspirational and influential women. They get me fired up about what I’m doing, and thus ready to create. If these women can be as strong and confident as they are, so can I!
3.) Of all your favorite records, which one do you play most? Why? I usually gravitate toward indie/alternative and singer/songwriter artists, but when it comes to a favorite record, I always find myself going back to my all time favorite song. Piano Man by Billy Joel is my go to, pick me up song. I have so amazing many memories associated with this song. Like the jean jacket, it’s such a classic.

standing up


As women, we exist in a critical, judgmental world. We compete, we are beat over the head with the notion that we aren’t enough, we are critiqued. We endure and persist. This reality suggests a need for women to stand up.

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blank NYC leather jacket, free people tank, J brand jeans

This world fails to convince us that we deserve respect. So lately, I’ve been seeking it. I’ve found it to be liberating to take control of your own life and to shed the toxic energy. Whether its friends who don’t reciprocate an effort, a job that doesn’t fulfill you or a family member you doesn’t add value to your life, stand up against the things that don’t make you better.

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One of my favorite quotes reads: “No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent”. I took these words to heart over the last few weeks and have held myself accountable for believing them. I discontinued my involvement with two different organizations where I was no longer growing. I distanced myself from relationships that radiated negativity. I stopped investing my energy in people who didn’t encourage me, and instead I started working on myself.

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All the women reading this need to let the following truth seep in to their minds and hearts. You are worthy. You have potential and a future full of wonderful things. Take control of your life and surround yourself with people who celebrate the person you want to be. The ladies of Velvet + Vinyl are like a family to me, some of whom I talk to daily. It is truly a blessing to find positive, like minded people who push you to strive for your best. Libby, our founder, and I talk daily and without her support and uplifting attitude, I wouldn’t have been able to stand up. Each and every member of this girl gang brings something so special to the team and I have never been happier to be apart of such a badass team of ladies. Wherever you may be in life, regardless of what you might be up against, I hope you find whatever inspiration will empower you to stand up.

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A year ago today, Melissa and Kristin said yes to my crazy idea of launching Velvet + Vinyl. These sweet friends of mine embraced my vision of creating a space where style meets music and eagerly pursued this idea with conviction, grace and optimism. Because of their willingness to dive in without thinking twice about it, V+V celebrates our first spin around the sun.

This post resembles a trip down memory lane full of photographs, monuments, great songs (of course) and learning lessons along the way.

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lesson: look for what’s lacking and extract inspiration from your observations | song: shake it up, the cars


lesson: backseats are the best dressing rooms + cat calling your friends is oddly empowering | song: build me up buttercup, the foundations

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lesson: inspiration is everywhere if you’re willing to look close enough | song: don’t you (forget about me), simple minds

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lesson: behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who always had her back | stuck in the middle with you, stealers wheel

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lesson: feed your curiosity and try something new | song: you make my dreams, hall & oates

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lesson: authenticity radiates from the inside out | song: caught up in you, 38 special

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lesson: be kind, work hard, give thanks | song: stayin’ alive, bee gees

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lesson: when posing, always relax the face | song: what I like about you, the romantics

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lesson: success doesn’t happen overnight. take one step at a time | song: livin’ on a prayer, bon jovi

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lesson: grow your circle. bring in creatives who challenge your ideas | song: jump, van halen

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lesson: black is the new black | song: back in black, ac/dc

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lesson: the best backdrops are often unexpected | song: I saw her standing there, the beatles

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lesson: communication + confrontation can be hard. nonetheless, it always pays to be polite | song: respect, aretha franklin

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lesson:  no idea is impossible. think big | song: shining star, earth, wind & fire

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lesson: your success is a reflection of those who support you | song: celebration, kool & the gang


All our gratitude to the band of followers that make this pursuit a successful one. We are so appreciative of your support + can’t wait for a year of bigger and better things!

when everything converges


As young creatives, it is not uncommon to find ourselves at the center of a schedule tornado. Job duties, activities outside of work, portfolio building, school perhaps, a second job perhaps, more creative work, errands.

Sometimes, it all converges at once.

In times like these, when I feel completely overwhelmed with stress, oftentimes the first things I eliminate from my overbearing schedule are my dabblings in fashion and music.

Although fashion and music are my greatest passions, when I’m posed with busy situations that require the elimination of one or two activities, my ventures in fashion and music often feel the most expendable. But, these are the things that feed my soul and at the end of the day, these activities are equally as important to my mental health as my job duties and school activities are to my financial and professional health.

So when everything converges, how can we as fashion and music lovers alleviate some of this stress? How can we maintain fashion and music in our daily lives when we really feel like we have no time at all?  Here’s how I do it.

First, it’s absolutely imperative that as a creative person, you give yourself an outlet. When I’m feeling stressed, I take *only five* minutes to doodle. It can make a big difference in settling my brain.

Getting stuck in a rut can give me massive amounts of insurmountable anxiety. By hopping on hype machine or checking out my Spotify discover every Monday or checking out who the FADER is raving about is always a sure way to keep me from getting stuck in a too familiar pattern. Also, new music is never a bad idea.

Personally, I am predisposed to sad music. I like music that makes me feel, and oftentimes artists like PVRIS, Elliot Smith or OG Halsey will do the trick. But-steer clear of music you KNOW perpetuates sad moods. I know we have a tendency to seek our sad music to help us revel in our self pity, but avoid doing this when you’re stressed or overwhelmed. Sad or dark music is okay. Music that deliberately makes you sad probably won’t help you overcome your stress.

As a student and lover of fashion, I think I speak for most like me when I say I feel my best in a composed, thought out and stylish outfit. For some it’s sweatpants and a teeshirt. For me, it’s my Zara jeans, my Alexander McQueen tunic and my r.soles London boots. As a fashionista, when you find yourself in the heart of the storm, GET YASELF TOGETHER. Wake up, put something on that makes you feel GOOD, and walk out the door. When you feel as though you have no control over your life, fashion will ALWAYS hand you the reigns to wrangle it back. You get to decide everyday how you look, so even when you’re tired, choose confident. Your whole outlook on the day will change if you start with a deliberate choice.

Who else does that thing called taking a nap or sitting on Instagram when you have a million other things you should be doing? Do your best to plan ahead when you’re busy, so you have time to take care of yourself and do something creative in your downtime. I’m the biggest perpetrator here, but I’m working on it. Put together a written list of things to get done, and the times to get them done by. This will help you keep accountable and leave you time to do more fun things later.

Find musicians, artists or fashion pioneers you admire, and read a biography or article about them. What you’ll most likely find is they had to persevere through extreme trials and undergo a great deal of stress to get where they are. Use these people as an inspiration to carry on. My suggestions would be Blood Beneath The Skin, an Alexander McQueen novel, the Lemmy documentary on Netflix (Motörhead), or any Chanel bio you can find.

This works every time. If I can find twenty minutes in the midst of my running around, I will find an antique shop or second hand clothing shop and just wander. There is something liberating and extremely reassuring about being in a place that sees value in things that have been used, or are “tired.” Remember, no matter how used up to tired you feel, you have value and you will overcome.

everybody’s records


Over the last year or so, I started to become super passionate about vinyl. My mom used to collect records when she was my age, and once I was gifted my very own Crosley for my birthday I couldn’t wait to start one of my own. One of my favorite places to shop for records in the Cincinnati area is a shop in Pleasant Ridge, Everybody’s Records. I spend enough time (and money) there and thought it would be really cool to interview one of the guys who helps run the shop, Woody Dorsey.

image (1).jpg

1.) What got you interested in records? Music bug bit me at young age due to the fact my older brother had a music collection. He was 9 years older and when I’d hang out at his apartment as a young kid he allowed me to play and listen to his records.

2.) What did you grow up listening to? Growing up listened lots of different stuff. Bands would include U2, Ramones, Bob Marley, Run DMC, Billy Idol, Eric B , Lee Perry, INXS, etc etc.

3.) What was the first record you bought? First Record was AC/DC Back In Black at Woolworths back in 8th grade. LOoong time ago.

4.) Why do you think vinyl is coming back as a popular form of listening to music today? Records are more of a physical experience. Not only hearing but seeing it spin, and reading the notes of who played or produced it. It’s also like having a art collection that you can listen to.

5.) What are your current top picks in music?  Current favorites are Sturgill Simpson, Gregory Porter, Thievery Corporation, Marty Stuart.

image (20)

image (18)

jeans+graphic tee- forever 21 coat -leeli & lou boots- sam edelman

Talk about aesthetics being on point. Their collection is so dreamy + versatile it’s a shop made for any music lover. Everybody’s Records seems to fulfill my indie rock, eighties pop, rock n’ roll, and hip-hop needs whenever I pop in for a visit. (which for my bank account is more so than necessary).

I loved Woody’s point on vinyl being a physical experience with music. Vinyl is a tangible relationship with music and I love that. Que the nerd alert, but I personally look forward to the packaging and graphic design of an album release on vinyl. Music is directly correlated with memories, people, places, things, and having that relationship with music to physically cherish is an amazing thing.

image (21)

image (19)

Since Woody was gracious enough to chat with me and share his current top picks in music, I decided to curate a playlist of my current top picks in music for you all as well! The link below will take you directly to my playlist via Spotify.

my current top picks


stuck in the middle (with you)


Lately I’ve been all about doing the things that make me feel beautiful. This notion is one that’s driving my purchasing decisions, influencing how I spend my time and, of course, inspiring photographs that make me see the beauty in myself.

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urban outfitters crop top, topshop denim, zara booties

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Some of you may know – the topic of self love has become intrinsic to the work of Velvet + Vinyl. As a group of women who are passionate about style, we’ve been discovering the outlet fashion represents for self-expression. For me personally, I’m learning that self-expression is inspired from the inside out. Combining the presence of confidence and the practice of self-love has pushed me outside my comfort zone to purchase pieces and style looks I didn’t totally feel I could pull off before.

Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset

If you’re reading this and there’s something that’s been flirting with your curiosity or your creativity, consider questioning it. If there’s a trend that intrigues you but you don’t think you can pull it off, tailor it to your style and try it. If you have an inclination or an idea, be innovative and inventive in exploring it. I’m giving the middle finger to this space of being stuck in the middle of what I think I can do and what I think I can’t do. Instead I’m prepared to replace this self-doubt with a newfound optimism for embracing a place where saying “yes” is a constant. Let’s leave behind the negativity, the consuming hesitation and the nagging uncertainty. Let’s get the heck out of this slump that convinces us of all the things we can’t do so we can pursue the things that make us feel beautiful. (But maybe we can still listen to Stealers Wheel because I’m really diggin’ this song right now..)

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vans style guide


One style of shoes that I’ve consistently been rocking since middle school are Vans. They are classic and extremely versatile. If you want a pair that match any outfit but are slightly edgier, black Old Skools are perfect. On the other hand, if you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone and wear a pair of shoes that adds a bold pop to your outfit, the Checkerboard Slip-Ons are the way to go. I’m also a huge fan of Sk8-Hi’s.

Earlier this year, I braved the cold with one of my best friends, Avery Wilson, for this photoshoot and it was beyond worth it. We kept it simple but edgy with minimal lighting, band tees, ripped jeans, and leather.

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Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I love the androgyny of this coat. I think the leather pants really transform the outfit to something completely different and more interesting than a simple pair of jeans. I paired it with a navy top because who says you can’t mix navy and black?



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Avery is stunning and can pull off anything. For this night, she went with a very minimal color palette: black and white. You can never go wrong with a predominately black outfit and a fun pair of shoes, especially if there is a graphic tee involved. The fraying at the bottom of her pant leg makes her jeans way more fun than just a plain black pair and the white western inspired belt adds the perfect touch. Too cold for a t-shirt? Throw on a classic leather jacket.

international women’s day


International Women’s Day reflects how the V+V girl gang feels about women every day. The value of women empowerment is not only a core staple of who we are as a publication, but it also molds how we interact as creatives and how we empower one another as co-workers, teammates and friends. Velvet + Vinyl was founded on the idea that women build women, and we each have seen this theory to be proven true from our experience of creating this blog.

With our typical mono-palette wardrobe, we all wore red lips today to celebrate our sisters, friends + fellow girlbosses and we were reminded just how sweet it is to be pursuing our dreams and doing what we love most. To all the ladies out there– keep doin’ your thing. Whatever it is, we believe in you + we’re rooting you on! Xo.