femmepire kickoff


This year Emma Gaty Photography is launching a new creative program targeted towards high school seniors that is meant to revamp the way we think about senior modeling.

Emma has always loved getting involved in causes that are bigger than us, and contributes to her community in more ways than I can count. This year, she wanted to take this passion and incorporate it into her self made business.

Thus, Femmepire was born. Femmepire is a creative agency composed of young feminists, girls and boys, striving to make a difference in their community. This program enables seniors in high school to get involved in making campaigns for organizations and working with fashion brands to get a taste of what it’s like working in the creative industry and to give back. She wants to put a stop to perpetuating high school stereotypes, and start giving high schoolers a platform to use their voice.

Emma goes through a rigorous interview process to ensure she works with devoted and excited individuals. This year is no different. She looks for a lot of different things, but what she doesn’t focus on is looks. She wants what’s on the inside to shine through! 

This is the first year Femmepire will be kicking off, and we look forward to seeing what these amazing individuals come up with.

Take a look at some snapshots from her campaign this year, and visit her Instagram and blog to see more! 



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