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Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! I have to admit I am a whole-hearted advocate for this holiday. I’m a total sucker for the pretty handwritten notes, the heart-shaped chocolates (or the not heart-shaped because chocolate, duh), but what I love most about Valentine’s Day is seeing how those in my world practice love for the people in their lives.

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“love yourself first”

We’ve been highlighting the topic of self love in our recent series and it’s been a gentle reminder to our girl gang of how important this practice is. Acknowledging your strengths, taking the time to relax, redefining your standards of happiness and holding yourself accountable for pursuing them – all of these things are so imperative to women everywhere seeking to live a rich and balanced life. So continue to practice yoga, buy yourself flowers, binge watch your favorite TV show, bake your grandma’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, splurge on new vinyl… whatever it is that makes you feel a little bit fuller, do that every day, and do it unabashedly.

While I think this conversation of self love is such an important one to be a part of, I also want to touch on the act of loving others. Or rather, to let the love we allot for ourselves graciously shift from the inside out so that the others around us might feel loved too.


Society paints this picture for us about what today should look like. It should include breakfast in bed, handwritten poems, red roses, date night and other gestures that radiate romance.

I want to urge you to not only consider how you celebrate this day with your significant other. Consider your family, friends, co-workers, mentors and role models and how you show them love on an ordinary day. Valentine’s Day may only occur once a year, but if you’re willing to extract some purpose from this trite holiday, you may be surprised to find that extending love and thoughtfulness to those around you on a consistent basis is more rewarding than you think.

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