confessions of a hair product junkie


We are all looking for the next best thing to try that doesn’t break the bank. We all want to have celebrity hair, but without the damage from the heat. During the week I am 100% on the go from class, blogging, photo shoots, and friends I feel like I don’t have enough time to breathe let alone take time to perfectly curl my hair. I confess I was not blessed with a head of thick hair and I feel like I am balding everyday (okay being slightly dramatic) , but seriously I needed a visit from the hair gods. I have about 30 products under my sink from all the best brands and I swear I just end up spending dollar after dollar to be disappointed.

During this month in-between midterms, I feel the most stress it is so important to take time for myself and just slow down. Spending time on your outer appearance is just as important as how you feel on the inside. While I try to get my perfect curls with SoCal hair products I take time to meditate. SoCal Curls makes it so easy to use their ties because it only takes a few minutes to put them in your hair then they are up out of your face for about thirty minutes. YES, you just read that correctly. You do not have to spend hours on your hair and can still have celebrity beachy waves.

In that time, you can do plenty of things to give yourself some much needed self-love. As I mentioned I love meditation, it gives your mind a rest in our over stimulated world! Take a little time to do whatever makes you feel centered, read your favorite book (Recommended: milk & honey), write in your journal, or use our favorite playlist for this month and have a dance party. Make this month all about YOU because YOU deserve it!

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