through a different lens


For most of my life, I preferred to be behind the lens of the camera. Not just because I loved capturing photographs and being mesmerized by scenery, but because I didn’t like to be the subject. In retrospect, it was likely linked to my tendency to overanalyze any possible imperfection I could find.

When I moved to Cincinnati, I wanted to meet new people and connect with creatives who had likeminded interests. Genesis Geiger photographed a wedding for a dear friend of mine and I was blown away by her style and her body of work. To say this girlboss is a phenomenal photographer is the most enormous understatement. What I love about working with creative, visionary photographers like Genesis is that seeing images of myself through the lens of these experts makes me feel beautiful.


Everything these photographs represent appeals to our conversation of self love. I think we spend so much timing critiquing ourselves that we don’t take the time to feel beautiful, confident, alluring, etc. I’m grateful for Genesis, and other experienced photographers like her, who have the knack for capturing the kind of beauty we sometimes fail to see when we’re looking in the mirror.

Our perception of beauty has shifted tremendously in recent years, and while there are many admirable women who are making strides to redefine the standards, I think there’s something to be said about celebrating the things that make you feel beautiful. We are so quick to nullify compliments and to blatantly disregard the words that others use to build us up. Let’s embrace the things that make us feel beautiful and let’s take the time to celebrate the things that make us see the beauty in ourselves. While I spent a season of my life looking for beauty from behind the camera, I’ve learned the value of being able to find beauty when I’m on the other side of the lens. I’m ready to throw confetti and pop some bottles to acknowledge that realization because as women we are a force to be reckoned with and we deserve to feel the love we so graciously give.


I want to see what photographs make you feel beautiful. Photographers or no photographers included, selfies welcome. Share your images with us on Instagram by tagging @velvetnvinyl.

Special s/o to Genesis Geiger Photography for making the magic behind the lens. Xo.

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