self love series


When February 1st rolls around, everything in sight starts to radiate pink and red. Our minds are cluttered with the idea of pretty, mushy cards, white roses, candlelit evenings and sweet chocolates wrapped in elegant packaging. As a result of this arguably overrated holiday, we have been conditioned to inherently place a value on a romantic gesture that makes us feel loved. These efforts can seem to translate as validation for our worth and our sense of being.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

artwork by libby bartley

Enter the V+V Self Love Series. Over the next two weeks, our girl gang will be sharing a range of content that we hope will encourage all of you to take Bieber’s lyrics literally and love yourself. No gift guides, no date suggestions, no bullshit. Whether you plan to spend your V-Day with your S.O. or you’re celebrating with more of a “Galentines Day” approach, it’s important to intentionally reserve some of that energy you intend to invest in others and channel it towards yourself.

Since its inception, empowerment has been an integral staple of Velvet + Vinyl, and it is our hope that through this segment of work we will empower you to experience Valentine’s Day through a new lens. Stay tuned for great work to come! Xo.

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