meet Regina


Well… the cat’s out of the bag! The V+V girl gang keeps on growing and we couldn’t be happier to introduce you all to our newest contributor, Regina Menninger.


1.) Favorite record in your collection? Hall & Oates Live at the Apollo. I love 80s pop rock, and Hall & Oates is one of my favorites from that genre. This record was passed down to me from my mom so it holds a special place in my heart as well. The live sound on vinyl is so raw and makes me feel like I’m there every time I throw it on.
2.) If your sense of style could share one message with the world, what would it be? To take chances and embrace your individuality. Fashion has become such an intense passion of mine and my personal style has evolved because of those reasons. Sometimes, not every look will turn out the way you thought it would (this has happened to me on multiple occasions) but having fun with your style is what will help to cultivate it into your own. Remaining true to myself and embracing what makes me unique has helped me develop my own signature style that I am confident about.
3.) How do you spend your Saturday mornings? I spend my Saturday mornings making time for myself. Saturday is my one day a week I completely focus on the little things that make me happy that I don’t always have time for during the week. I love to get a killer workout in, grab brunch, and either catch up on quality time with friends or just take the day to focus on me. Whether that be taking the time to get some leisurely reading in or getting my nails done, I like to make one thing happen that relaxes me and relieves some stress after a hectic week.
Stay tuned for more articles from Regina, and for more from our evolving team later this week!

fade to light fashion show


On Wednesday night, Fade to Light hosted their fifth fashion show in downtown Portland. A night full of amazing styles and incredibly talented designers, this show was a can’t miss. Kristy McInnis, one of our V+V contributors, attended the show with our new digital strategy intern, Chantelle Thatch (official announcement coming soon!).

Krisy’s sharing the inside scoop:

“A night full of gag-balls and live snakes slithering down the runway, Fade to Light did not disappoint. This show marked the five year anniversary of the first Fade to Light show and all the designers brought their A game. With second row seats, Velvet + Vinyl was right in the action and accompanied by fashion bloggers, personal stylists, model scouts and the friends and family of the featured designers.

Each line brought something unique to the show with cutting edge designs and an assortment of stunning models. Culty used men in drag, bondage accessories and live reptiles to stop everyone in their tracks. To say this was an unexpected approach was a total understatement. It was brilliant.”

We were also jazzed to see our gal pal Sarah Donofrio of One Imaginary Girl. Through the use of playful, ready-to-wear prints, she tastefully shared her signature style. Of course this included her handmade skirt composed of vinyl pieces. ALL THE HEART EYES.

Here’s a glimpse of the evening through Kristy’s camera lens.

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Thanks to our friends at Fade to Light for the amazing show! We can’t wait to attend the next one.

femmepire kickoff


This year Emma Gaty Photography is launching a new creative program targeted towards high school seniors that is meant to revamp the way we think about senior modeling.

Emma has always loved getting involved in causes that are bigger than us, and contributes to her community in more ways than I can count. This year, she wanted to take this passion and incorporate it into her self made business.

Thus, Femmepire was born. Femmepire is a creative agency composed of young feminists, girls and boys, striving to make a difference in their community. This program enables seniors in high school to get involved in making campaigns for organizations and working with fashion brands to get a taste of what it’s like working in the creative industry and to give back. She wants to put a stop to perpetuating high school stereotypes, and start giving high schoolers a platform to use their voice.

Emma goes through a rigorous interview process to ensure she works with devoted and excited individuals. This year is no different. She looks for a lot of different things, but what she doesn’t focus on is looks. She wants what’s on the inside to shine through! 

This is the first year Femmepire will be kicking off, and we look forward to seeing what these amazing individuals come up with.

Take a look at some snapshots from her campaign this year, and visit her Instagram and blog to see more!

marchesa at NYFW: behind the scenes


New York Fashion Week is a can’t miss topic for fashion bloggers. With the industry running (or rather sprinting) at full speed during this renowned event, there’s a range of different perspectives and themes to cover.

High end fashion brand Marchesa took the runway at the peak of the week’s conclusion on Wednesday. As the executive and personal assistant to Georgina Chapman, co-founder and head designer of Marchesa, Jen Dickhaut got a front row seat to all the things that went in to making this show a smashing success.

Today Jen’s sharing some behind the scenes photos with all you V+V readers who can’t get enough of NYFW. Having exposure to all the components of preparing a fashion show that goes off without a hitch, she’s sharing her insight and experience to bring you a glimpse of NYFW that’s one of a kind.

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Photo submitted by Jen via ISA Images

Jen on her experience at NYFW: “Being a part of fashion week on any form is exciting, scary, stressful, rewarding, and a great learning experience. The best part of this season was being able to be backstage and watch closely as the magic happened.

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I had a front row seat to the chaos and glamour. I loved watching the models sprinting in dainty heels for quick changes and scurrying to get in the correct run of show order. 

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Photo submitted by Jen via Don Ashby from firstVIEW Images

As an assistant, it was amazing to watch my boss, the co-founder and head designer of the company, watch her finished line unfold before her eyes. I loved seating my boss’ husband next to Anna Wintour and Mandy Moore, what a dream.

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Although I was exhausted and the day took weeks and weeks of planning – from drivers, to Georgina’s outfit, to social media, to managing the interns… everything was well worth it. Such a success! I’m lucky to have to opportunity to be a part of New York Fashion week, for the second time, and hopefully not the last.” – Jen Dickhaut

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Photo submitted by Jen via Evolution Magazine

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Photo submitted by Jen via Kelly Taub

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Want to be in Jen’s shoes someday? She’s got some advice for you.

Be proactive. You’ll never get anywhere in life if you don’t stalk future employers, walk up to people and say hello, send your resume out randomly, or go above and beyond at your internship. Also be kind. A smile and a happy attitude go a long way in this industry. Hard to find!



*All images without photography credit were submitted by Jen. These images were taken by Jen + Marchesa Interns.

nyfw: from the make-up chair


In case some of you have been under a rock, today resembled the conclusion of  New York Fashion Week. NYFW is a monumental event in the fashion industry. Designers use the catwalk to showcase their looks in hopes of dressing the elite. Every last detail is expected to emulate absolute perfection. A key element to making each look complete is hair and makeup. The crowds and critics expect something unexpected… something inspirational. We experience makeup envy from every catwalk, but this season three designers in particular stood out to us. Jill Stuart gave us some amazing smokey eye inspiration and complemented by subtle braids, Desigual painted all their models with a swipe of red on the outside of the eyelid crease calling it the “red paint stain” and  Tommy Hilfiger made us all envy Bella Hadid with her topknot and “barely there” makeup. With this look, all it took was a swipe of mascara and a light pink matte lipstick to win me over. We used this inspiration from these three designers to bring you these looks.

Jill Stuart – Smokey eyes and subtle braids


Desigual – Paint red stain


Tommy Hilfiger – Barely there




with love


Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! I have to admit I am a whole-hearted advocate for this holiday. I’m a total sucker for the pretty handwritten notes, the heart-shaped chocolates (or the not heart-shaped because chocolate, duh), but what I love most about Valentine’s Day is seeing how those in my world practice love for the people in their lives.

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“love yourself first”

We’ve been highlighting the topic of self love in our recent series and it’s been a gentle reminder to our girl gang of how important this practice is. Acknowledging your strengths, taking the time to relax, redefining your standards of happiness and holding yourself accountable for pursuing them – all of these things are so imperative to women everywhere seeking to live a rich and balanced life. So continue to practice yoga, buy yourself flowers, binge watch your favorite TV show, bake your grandma’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, splurge on new vinyl… whatever it is that makes you feel a little bit fuller, do that every day, and do it unabashedly.

While I think this conversation of self love is such an important one to be a part of, I also want to touch on the act of loving others. Or rather, to let the love we allot for ourselves graciously shift from the inside out so that the others around us might feel loved too.


Society paints this picture for us about what today should look like. It should include breakfast in bed, handwritten poems, red roses, date night and other gestures that radiate romance.

I want to urge you to not only consider how you celebrate this day with your significant other. Consider your family, friends, co-workers, mentors and role models and how you show them love on an ordinary day. Valentine’s Day may only occur once a year, but if you’re willing to extract some purpose from this trite holiday, you may be surprised to find that extending love and thoughtfulness to those around you on a consistent basis is more rewarding than you think.

deconstructing the art of comparison


We are all guilty of it. You open Instagram and spend a half an hour ogling over that fashion blogger’s profile—inspecting every perfect outfit, sexy husband pic, and pristine house video. You scour the lines of stunning photos on Pinterest dreaming of the DIY banners and pots and framed art you’ll put in your house just like the perfectly arranged ones there. On Facebook you gather around the spotlights of people who just scored a dream internship, jetted off to a new island with their significant other, or recently was promoted to a higher rank than you. On tumblr you rack your brain on how you can be funnier, more artistic, more photogenic. It’s embarrassing the amount of hours we all spend on VSCO and Lightroom trying to make a photo not only appease our aesthetic, but the aesthetic everyone else wants from you. We start losing grasp of ourselves; unable to recognize who we actually are when we look in the mirror. And the whole time you can’t help but wonder—how come your life doesn’t look like that?


It’s become an art form, comparing. It’s a flux and flow of finding what we like, what we don’t have, and erratically searching for ways to get it. And when we finally have “it,” or close to it, the cycle starts again. It’s an odd concept; we all know that social media are curated, constructed, Photoshopped, and perfected. So why do we view someone else’s highlight reel as an everyday reality? And why do we so heavily compare the parts of ourselves that we lack confidence in to those highlight reels?


It’s hard to beat it. Many of us are storming head first into industries that require us to be a constant spectator and showstopper on the web. So what can we do to fix it? I think it needs to start with inclusion and insightfulness. Inclusion can range from showing your audience your flaws and imperfections to urging the media or creating your own media that includes all women. So many of the images we view and digest on a daily basis are thin white, tall, and tan models flaunting their “perfection” around the world, wearing every to-die-for trend, and living the life you consider to be ideal. It’s completely acceptable to showcase all of this, but it’s essential we have equal representation of all races, sexualities, and sizes. If everyone has a positive image to relate to that makes them feel empowered, comparison can be stomped out quickly.


Insightfulness is checking in with yourself, acknowledging other women’s accomplishments, and still being proud of your capabilities. It is also being able to recognize the twisted reality we get from apps like Instagram and Pinterest, and knowing that we don’t have to resemble that. Be proud of your friends, send them empowering texts and comments, admire people, but don’t let the adoration you have for others make you feel low. It’s so hard to do, but such an important aspect of keeping a healthy self-esteem. Someone else’s beauty, intelligence, and success does not diminish yours. While I’m not going to give up editing photos and enjoying aesthetically pleasing art and social media posts, I will give up the idea that my life has to reflect this, and that I have to conform to unrealistic standards. I strongly urge you, love, to do the same.


learning to f.l.y (first love yourself)


Let’s get real – by now you’re in the heat of Valentine’s Day everything. We have the stuffed bears with the hearts, we’ve seen the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker enough times to recite the whole movie, and we’ve been counting down the days until the holiday candy goes on sale. But single, taken, or somewhere in-between you still must do this: have some self love time (get your mind out of the 50-shades gutter). I’m talking about a day to totally pamper yourself. Believe it or not you must love yourself before you can fully give yourself to another person. I sound like Doctor Phil, but in all honesty, it’s the best way to get yourself feeling 100 percent. So, go get yourself your favorite hydrating face mask, some Lush bath bombs and turn that phone on airplane mode. No matter what you have going on in your life if you don’t take a little time to enjoy where you are you will never get the time back. So be a little selfish, indulge in that extra chocolate covered strawberry and give yourself a break!

Here are some of my go-to self-love tips that you can practice every day:

  1. Give yourself daily affirmations. Write them on your phone, put new positive quotes next to your bed, or write them in red lipstick on your mirror! Anything to give yourself that extra boost you need to start your day on a positive note.
  2. FORGIVE. That’s right, I said it. No matter what someone has done to you, remember your well-being is more important. Holding on to that negative energy is not good for anyone, so write all your feelings out and rip it up or find it in your heart to just let all of that sadness go.
  3. Find time to do whatever makes your heart happy. For me, it is taking baths and doing facemasks. For you it might be going on bike rides or sitting in your local coffee shop reading a book. It is so important to put what you love first.
  4. Splurge a little. I am not talking about buying a brand new car here. You can buy yourself little things on even the smallest budget to practice self-love. Buy yourself some flowers, your favorite dark chocolate, or go get your nails done.
  5. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are enough. You can do anything when you put your mind to it and confidence is key. Even the most beautiful women have insecurities, so start to love yours! All of those freckles, dimples, and your “flaws” make you unlike anyone else.

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confessions of a hair product junkie


We are all looking for the next best thing to try that doesn’t break the bank. We all want to have celebrity hair, but without the damage from the heat. During the week I am 100% on the go from class, blogging, photo shoots, and friends I feel like I don’t have enough time to breathe let alone take time to perfectly curl my hair. I confess I was not blessed with a head of thick hair and I feel like I am balding everyday (okay being slightly dramatic) , but seriously I needed a visit from the hair gods. I have about 30 products under my sink from all the best brands and I swear I just end up spending dollar after dollar to be disappointed.

During this month in-between midterms, I feel the most stress it is so important to take time for myself and just slow down. Spending time on your outer appearance is just as important as how you feel on the inside. While I try to get my perfect curls with SoCal hair products I take time to meditate. SoCal Curls makes it so easy to use their ties because it only takes a few minutes to put them in your hair then they are up out of your face for about thirty minutes. YES, you just read that correctly. You do not have to spend hours on your hair and can still have celebrity beachy waves.

In that time, you can do plenty of things to give yourself some much needed self-love. As I mentioned I love meditation, it gives your mind a rest in our over stimulated world! Take a little time to do whatever makes you feel centered, read your favorite book (Recommended: milk & honey), write in your journal, or use our favorite playlist for this month and have a dance party. Make this month all about YOU because YOU deserve it!

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