ed is back



In 2012, I lived for Ed Sheeran and his music. I attended one of his shows in Indianapolis and it flipped my world upside down. From that moment on, concerts resonated with me differently and I discovered a raw appreciation for the art of live music. I was in a crowd hushed by Ed himself so that he could perform a few songs without a microphone; just him and his guitar. I walked away from that concert loving his music so much I was convinced that he could sing his grocery lists and I would still be in awe. The experience made me much more appreciative of artists who can entertain small audiences because the setting of the performance is much more intimate. His talent is so undeniable that he’s gone on to write music for major artists such including Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, Tori Kelly, and Taylor Swift.


my first instagram post

His first album, “+”, could be interpreted as adding a special person into your life. Songs that support this concept are: “This”, “Small Bump”, “Give Me Love”, and “Wake Me Up”.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 10.53.34 PM.png

modern interpretation of Cupid in Ed’s “Give Me Love” music video

The most listened to album of 2014 was Sheeran’s second album, “x” or multiply, and is argued to represent multiplying the emotion you have for a person, either positive or negative. Supportive songs include “Thinking Out Loud”, “Photograph”, and “Tenerife Sea”.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 11.19.14 PM.png

romantic dance scene in “Thinking Out Loud”

The buzz around this hit artist has been silenced in recent years. But Sheeran has returned to the music scene just as he promised. He announced his return with a simple tweet featuring a picture of a blue rectangle. Fans were in a complete frenzy.


Sheeran released two songs, “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape of You”, that will both appear on his upcoming album, “÷”. Given all that’s happened in his personal life during his one year hiatus (break-ups and what not), I suspect this album will be focused on separating yourself from relationships and becoming yourself again.


Whether you’ve been a fan for years or you’re just now being bombarded on social  media about this Ed Sheeran guy, I highly recommend that you listen to his music. His willingness to be completely honest and real with his lyrics makes you feel like you know him personally. His songs are the perfect combination of relatable and emotional. Ed is timeless.


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