new york photo diary


For 8 days, I had the opportunity to roam around New York. Completely on my own, and totally unsure about how to maneuver a city as big as NYC, I began to seek out advice of my New York dwellers, and began to explore some places I’d always wanted to see. Along the way, I found some pretty amazing places, bought some pretty amazing things and made a week long memory that I’ll have for the rest of my life.

If you’re in need of some me time, find a cheap plane ticket to a place you love, and explore it alone. There isn’t anything more therepeutic. 

Check the photo diary below for some big city inspiration!

outside the MET

NY skyline

whoops bakeshop in williamsburg

views from 7th ave

art wall in brooklyn

loft views

photoshoot feels

costume institute: alexander mcqueen

costume institute: versace

costume institute: vivienne westwood

thrift finds.


NY aesthetic

NY style

creative space



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