strange like me


Growing up my family would call me “Little Frida”, after the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The reason being that I had a unibrow until about fifth grade when my grandma took me to get my eyebrows waxed for the first time. It burned the skin off and a red blotch replaced the hair connecting my two brows.

I was always self-conscious about my unibrow and on occasion would get made fun of for it. I was also too young to appreciate the nickname of “Little Frida” and only took it offensively.


It wasn’t until later that I realized being associated with this authentic woman was a compliment.

Now I look to Frida as a source of inspiration and courage. Artistically she inspires me to be bold and present myself through what I create. Through style she reminds me to be authentic and fearless. She always had bold lips and nails with a unibrow and mustache that contrasted the feminine image of the time she lived in. Her wardrobe rejected the flapper fashion and reflected who she was, down to her roots. With a Mexican folk style, she wore long skirts with bright colors, jewelry that made a statement and flowers in her hair.



Her creativity was unlimited and so was her style. She dressed for no one else other than herself.

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