meet gabrielle


Coming full circle with girl gang reads tonight as we feature our third addition to the team, Gabrielle Gomez! This girl brings such a moving and inspiring perspective to her work, and we couldn’t be more excited for you all to get to know her.


1.) Most listened to album? Right now my most listened to album is Lemonade by Beyoncé. No matter how many times I listen to it I always find a new lesson through the lyrics. The entire album is an emotional journey and there is ease and empowerment when you reach the end.

2.) Describe your personal aesthetic? My personal aesthetic is simple meets chic with a touch of edge. I love my neutrals, but I’m never afraid to add something bold to tie it all together.

3.) One artist who inspires you? Frida Kahlo will forever be my favorite artist and a woman who inspires me. She was an authentic woman whose identity and reality were translated into her work for what it was – pain, suffering and emotion. During a time when women were not viewed equals to men, Frida was a vanguard to the feminist movement and followed her own path in art, intellects and activism.




This past season has been one of learning and transition for Velvet + Vinyl, and we are so excited for this new direction with a girl gang that is bolder and bigger than before! Big things coming at you guys. Xo!

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