meet annie


Couldn’t be more excited to introduce you guys to Annie, another new addition to the VV girl gang! This girl has an insane ability to see the world through a refined and vintage lens and the outcome is brilliant and inspiring. She’s too cool – I have no doubt she’s gonna rock your socks off. No pun intended.


1.)  Favorite word in the dictionary? You won’t find my favorite word in a version of Merriam-Webster since it’s a curse word in the afrikaans language. I came across this word in a book a friend gave me for christmas documenting curse words throughout the world. Bakvissie was an instant favorite of mine. It translates directly to “goldfish!”, which is a silly-minded teenage girl (something I was guilty of being a time or two between ages 13-19).

2.) Most inspirational artist? Artistically, Gerhard Richter has always been inspiring to me. When I started (school) in art history, he was one of the artists in my survey courses that stuck with me and grew my fascinations with Germany. I’m fond of an artist who doesn’t stick to one style and can find cohesion in their work even when it becomes vastly different. Musically, I admire Patti Smith. After reading “M Train” and “Just Kids” my envy for her urban yet bohemian lifestyle grew.

3) Go-to lyric to live by? I have a profusion of lyrics I could use to answer this question and I cannot pick just one. Though, the first verse of “In My Life” by The Beatles is often a set of lyrics that remains relatable throughout my life, whether it is in a state of happiness or dejection.

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