meet kristy


V+V, meet Kristy. One of our newest additions to the team, Kristy is inspiring, fierce and in the pursuit of big, big dreams. Her raw talent, keen eye and unique perspective for fashion and beauty is unparalleled. I don’t have words to convey how excited I am for her involvement with this project, and I can’t wait for you all to see more of her work!


Read on to learn more about Kristy + be on the lookout for new posts from this girlboss!
1.) Go-to song that never gets old? I’m obsessed with Niykee Heaton’s song “Bad Intentions”. My roommates will not play it anymore, it got so bad! When the song comes on everyone looks right over to me and just laughs.
2.) Favorite beauty product? I can not live without mascara. I feel like a teenage boy without it. I use probably three different mascaras and I am loving a bare minerals right now!
3.) Style icon? Since the beginning of Gossip Girl, I’ve been a huge fan girl of Blake Lively. She takes such bold risks with fashion and makeup, which I admire. She is always over the top glam with all of the sparkles and she’s drop dead gorgeous! Can she do no wrong?!

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