the secret victoria didn’t tell you


Tonight the Victoria’s Secret fashion show premieres on CBS. An iconic viewing event for many, even I have to say I am enthralled by the colors, the vivid imagery and the use of textures, jewels, eloquent fabrics and the out of this world accessories that are used to put on such a visually stunning fashion show.

While the entire aesthetic of the “biggest fashion show of the year” emulates glamour and beauty, I whole-heartedly believe there’s something wrong with the way we fixate on this sense of perfection.

When I think about the VS fashion show, I think about the following quote: “Admire the beauty of others without questioning your own.”

In the past few years that I’ve watched this show and have engaged with the digital content that endorses it, I’ve been disheartened to see the lack of positive self talk. I have friends whose disinterest in watching the show revolves entirely around the fact that their own self confidence is compromised in doing so.

I’ve come to realize that too much content is published around this show that promotes toxic, negative thinking of comparison and inadequacy. By playfully insinuating a sense of urgency to hit the gym, shaming the art of stuffing your face with a perfectly good pizza and demeaning different forms of beauty that don’t replicate the beauty strutting down the runway, we’re contributing to a conversation that suggests a very distinct and determined definition for what constitutes beauty.

So, tonight I’m going to watch the VS fashion show and I’m going to eat the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that are cooling on the stovetop and I’m going to remind you, and myself, that beauty cannot be defined by external influences. Neither the similarities nor the differences you have to the models on the runway can measure your talents, capabilities and the beauty you possess.

Value the power of positive self talk, people. It’s important and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Also, here’s a picture that makes me feel beautiful. Share your most beautiful moments with us by tagging @velvetnvinyl in your IG posts. ❤️

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