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Growing up my family would call me “Little Frida”, after the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The reason being that I had a unibrow until about fifth grade when my grandma took me to get my eyebrows waxed for the first time. It burned the skin off and a red blotch replaced the hair connecting my two brows.

I was always self-conscious about my unibrow and on occasion would get made fun of for it. I was also too young to appreciate the nickname of “Little Frida” and only took it offensively.


It wasn’t until later that I realized being associated with this authentic woman was a compliment.

Now I look to Frida as a source of inspiration and courage. Artistically she inspires me to be bold and present myself through what I create. Through style she reminds me to be authentic and fearless. She always had bold lips and nails with a unibrow and mustache that contrasted the feminine image of the time she lived in. Her wardrobe rejected the flapper fashion and reflected who she was, down to her roots. With a Mexican folk style, she wore long skirts with bright colors, jewelry that made a statement and flowers in her hair.



Her creativity was unlimited and so was her style. She dressed for no one else other than herself.

ulta beauty holiday edition


The holiday season is no less than something magical. The time between the crisp leaves in November, to the brisk cold in January has people running around with a festive glow, even when our Oregon weather is less than desirable. During these months people take bigger fashion and makeup risks that force them to go outside of their everyday boring routine.

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Ulta beauty gave me the opportunity to pamper myself and try out this winter’s latest beauty trends. Bringing in glow was one of Smashbox’s main goals this year, in a collaboration with Meryl Pataky they created a luminous blush palette. Last season was all about contour so I am loving that blush is coming back in full force. The palette is perfect for all of your holiday needs; stocked with a mix of 9 essential highlighters, coral blushes, and a rich bronzer. Matching the blush color with a liquid lipstick from the Ulta beauty glossary let me create a natural, radiant look.  



meet gabrielle


Coming full circle with girl gang reads tonight as we feature our third addition to the team, Gabrielle Gomez! This girl brings such a moving and inspiring perspective to her work, and we couldn’t be more excited for you all to get to know her.


1.) Most listened to album? Right now my most listened to album is Lemonade by Beyoncé. No matter how many times I listen to it I always find a new lesson through the lyrics. The entire album is an emotional journey and there is ease and empowerment when you reach the end.

2.) Describe your personal aesthetic? My personal aesthetic is simple meets chic with a touch of edge. I love my neutrals, but I’m never afraid to add something bold to tie it all together.

3.) One artist who inspires you? Frida Kahlo will forever be my favorite artist and a woman who inspires me. She was an authentic woman whose identity and reality were translated into her work for what it was – pain, suffering and emotion. During a time when women were not viewed equals to men, Frida was a vanguard to the feminist movement and followed her own path in art, intellects and activism.




This past season has been one of learning and transition for Velvet + Vinyl, and we are so excited for this new direction with a girl gang that is bolder and bigger than before! Big things coming at you guys. Xo!

meet annie


Couldn’t be more excited to introduce you guys to Annie, another new addition to the VV girl gang! This girl has an insane ability to see the world through a refined and vintage lens and the outcome is brilliant and inspiring. She’s too cool – I have no doubt she’s gonna rock your socks off. No pun intended.


1.)  Favorite word in the dictionary? You won’t find my favorite word in a version of Merriam-Webster since it’s a curse word in the afrikaans language. I came across this word in a book a friend gave me for christmas documenting curse words throughout the world. Bakvissie was an instant favorite of mine. It translates directly to “goldfish!”, which is a silly-minded teenage girl (something I was guilty of being a time or two between ages 13-19).

2.) Most inspirational artist? Artistically, Gerhard Richter has always been inspiring to me. When I started (school) in art history, he was one of the artists in my survey courses that stuck with me and grew my fascinations with Germany. I’m fond of an artist who doesn’t stick to one style and can find cohesion in their work even when it becomes vastly different. Musically, I admire Patti Smith. After reading “M Train” and “Just Kids” my envy for her urban yet bohemian lifestyle grew.

3) Go-to lyric to live by? I have a profusion of lyrics I could use to answer this question and I cannot pick just one. Though, the first verse of “In My Life” by The Beatles is often a set of lyrics that remains relatable throughout my life, whether it is in a state of happiness or dejection.

meet kristy


V+V, meet Kristy. One of our newest additions to the team, Kristy is inspiring, fierce and in the pursuit of big, big dreams. Her raw talent, keen eye and unique perspective for fashion and beauty is unparalleled. I don’t have words to convey how excited I am for her involvement with this project, and I can’t wait for you all to see more of her work!


Read on to learn more about Kristy + be on the lookout for new posts from this girlboss!
1.) Go-to song that never gets old? I’m obsessed with Niykee Heaton’s song “Bad Intentions”. My roommates will not play it anymore, it got so bad! When the song comes on everyone looks right over to me and just laughs.
2.) Favorite beauty product? I can not live without mascara. I feel like a teenage boy without it. I use probably three different mascaras and I am loving a bare minerals right now!
3.) Style icon? Since the beginning of Gossip Girl, I’ve been a huge fan girl of Blake Lively. She takes such bold risks with fashion and makeup, which I admire. She is always over the top glam with all of the sparkles and she’s drop dead gorgeous! Can she do no wrong?!

winter playlist


The reality of the most wonderful time of the year is that it can also be the most draining. Plotting surprises, purchasing presents and getting in the holiday spirit sure can take a lot out of you. There’s no better way to combat the blues than with some time to yourself, so kick back with a nice (peppermint) coffee and an even better playlist! We’ve got you covered.

Tonight I’m sharing a compilation of some of my favorite, relaxation inducing songs that I listen to when I need a break. Whether your drowning in work, counting down the days until the holiday break or all tied up in christmas shopping, always remember to treat yourself. Music can be the best therapy.

Happy listening!

v+v winter vibes


the secret victoria didn’t tell you


Tonight the Victoria’s Secret fashion show premieres on CBS. An iconic viewing event for many, even I have to say I am enthralled by the colors, the vivid imagery and the use of textures, jewels, eloquent fabrics and the out of this world accessories that are used to put on such a visually stunning fashion show.

While the entire aesthetic of the “biggest fashion show of the year” emulates glamour and beauty, I whole-heartedly believe there’s something wrong with the way we fixate on this sense of perfection.

When I think about the VS fashion show, I think about the following quote: “Admire the beauty of others without questioning your own.”

In the past few years that I’ve watched this show and have engaged with the digital content that endorses it, I’ve been disheartened to see the lack of positive self talk. I have friends whose disinterest in watching the show revolves entirely around the fact that their own self confidence is compromised in doing so.

I’ve come to realize that too much content is published around this show that promotes toxic, negative thinking of comparison and inadequacy. By playfully insinuating a sense of urgency to hit the gym, shaming the art of stuffing your face with a perfectly good pizza and demeaning different forms of beauty that don’t replicate the beauty strutting down the runway, we’re contributing to a conversation that suggests a very distinct and determined definition for what constitutes beauty.

So, tonight I’m going to watch the VS fashion show and I’m going to eat the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that are cooling on the stovetop and I’m going to remind you, and myself, that beauty cannot be defined by external influences. Neither the similarities nor the differences you have to the models on the runway can measure your talents, capabilities and the beauty you possess.

Value the power of positive self talk, people. It’s important and YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Also, here’s a picture that makes me feel beautiful. Share your most beautiful moments with us by tagging @velvetnvinyl in your IG posts. ❤️

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tis the season


The first of December means red lips, nudes and christmas tunes!

In addition to the chaos and joy of holiday cheer, December also resembles the end of the year where some doors close and others open. This past season has been one full of learning lessons that have resulted in new waves of inspiration, and V+V is unveiling a multitude of new beginnings this month. Stay tuned – we can’t wait to share them with you!

In the mean time, I’m going back and forth between Andy Williams and Michael Buble on my record player and threw together this effortless look to channel my excitement. BRB – pretending I’m in a winter wonderland with all this white.

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loft jacket, black leith t-shirt, forever21 necklace, topshop denim, zara boots

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