continuing the conversation through liberation


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this election. I’m sick of the hate, and I’m sick of the new division between people.
I have began to look past the blue side and the red side of this election. Believe it or not, there is something far more substantial at hand here than politics. what I mean by that, is we aren’t talking about pieces of paper with laws that seem so unrelated to our lives. 

We aren’t talking about candidates. 

We aren’t taking about “my side or your side.” 

With this election, we are talking about people; their fear, concerns, rights, safety and humanity.
At this point, I no longer care about the “qualifications of either candidate.” I say that lightly, because a commander and chief of the United States of America should be qualified.

What I mean is I care about the well being of the people who are supposed to be protected, represented and respected by the candidate elected more than anything else. Republican or democrat, you can’t tell me one is more capable than the other. Both parties consist of people with the ability to care. Humanity shouldn’t be political.

Now, with the president chosen and determined, it’s time to more forward. I am NOT talking about forgetting, or lying down, or “going with the flow”. I’m talking about approaching the fears we have head on, and conquering them and solving them with that power. With us uniting and overcoming these fears, we can proceed as one nation who feels safe to be here. we can proceed as a nation that fosters the love we have welcomed in over the last 8 years. no president can take that away from us, and no one president can stop us.

This was all triggered by an instance that occurred the other night in which I felt fear. Fear as a woman, and fear as citizen. This is a fear that I believe to be a result of the election, and the malicious, elitist fog that has settled over our country with the end of the election.

Last night, I felt as though my safety was compromised in the cab of a tow truck with a man who made me feel very unsafe and uncomfortable. I got home in one piece but was shaken and afraid. As I sat in the shower, I realized I needed to overcome this, so I could fight this. I realized I needed to do so through love and awareness.

Here is a documention of me combating and cleansing the fear I felt, the same way I did last night. These photos act as a symbol for me: the liberation we can feel if we choose to let go of hate, and let love in. These things scare me more than anything, but it’s time to fight that fear with power. In Hilary’s concession speech, she talked about always fighting for what matters.  It’s time to do that now.

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