when a celebration is in order…


Anna Wintour, the queen of fashion, is celebrating a birthday today. To celebrate a woman whose ambition, passion and conviction has revolutionized such a prominent industry, I’m featuring five inspirational women who inspire me to pour my heart and soul in to the things I love. Here goes.

1.) Anna Wintour – the queen, the legend, the editor in chief of Vogue. No explanation needed here. All hail.


2.) Rachel Schwartzmann  – founder and CEO of The Style Line. I love the approach this publication takes towards merging style and storytelling. Their work has an enticing sense of depth and overflows with inspiration. Not only is their content engaging and interesting, it is also thought-provoking, empowering and leaves me feeling exceptionally full of encouragement, the kind that serves as fuel to approach my day in a way that will make it count. Bravo, Rachel.


@rachelschwartzmann slayin’ the game


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courtesy of rachel’s instagram

3.) Emily Weiss  – founder and CEO of Glossier. Given my passion for natural beauty routines, social media and a tasteful aesthetic, it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with all things Glossier. From my milk jelly cleanser/balm dot com to Glossier’s instagram feed to the cute stickers that arrive with each new package, this brand is killin’ it. And Weiss is the ring leader behind the greatness.


emily weiss, the mastermind of glossier


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4.) Sophia Bush  – actress and activist. There are so many things to admire about Sophia Bush that it’s difficult to condense the list. The overarching detail about this lady boss is her heart for advocating for so many relevant and important issues. From education to environmental rights to political activism to animal adoption and equal rights. Bush empowers everyone around her, not just women. It’s my hope that all women can channel their inner Sophia Bush to believe in their power as an individual and to practice persistence and conviction in regards to their most valued beliefs.


sophia bush for sseko designs


a #mondaymantra post from sophia’s instagram. can I get an amen?


sophia visited sseko design’s HQ in uganda while I was working for sseko as an intern, and I love this picture of her working with sseko founder liz forkin-bohannon. anyone else a fan of conscious consumerism?

5.) Taylor St. Claire  – illustrator and graphic designer. Tayst, launched in 2015, is a collection of unique prints by St. Claire and her designs truly are making magic one illustration at a time. She has a unique ability to combine rich colors with eye-catching designs that create contrast through the use of delicate details. Her work has received much deserved praise from prestigious brands and she recently launched a line of mobile phone cases, and it appears as though that’s just the beginning. So stoked to see this girlboss diving in to her dreams.


from tayst website | about page


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girl power

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