Quiet Living Spaces


The pristine, refreshing trend of minimalism, revived from the sixties and seventies arrived a few years ago and has since stayed. I’ve personally never found a trend that I’ve held on to for so long. The quiet shapes and colors, and the sense of calm and tranquility you get from wearing a minimalist shirt or simply decorating a white wall are refreshing touches amidst the busy, hectic lives we’re all so used to.

I personally avoid relaxing, studying, or working in areas with lots of people or poor decor. It’s not so much as a snobby thing, but a thing of comfort. I am most productive when I am in an environment that I feel I can thrive in and express myself creatively. Any girlboss knows (yeah, I’m looking at you) how hard it can be to focus and how easy it can be to procrastinate or get distracted.

Because of this, I’ve worked on making my room a space of creativity and calm. I love neutral colors and simple pieces of furniture. Here’s a little preview of my work-in-progress¬†place where I feel most productive.









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