PNW Holiday Shopping Guide


You and the loved ones that surround you are anything but ordinary. You have talents, passions, and traits that make you inimitable. When it comes to gift giving, especially around the holidays, you want to give gifts that reflect who you are and who the recipient is. it’s easy to see that a typical gift card or pair of socks won’t cut it. Luckily, the Pacific Northwest is home to shops, artisans, and artists that are as unique as you and your friends. While it’s easy to shop at fast fashion stores and large retail chains, it’s important to appreciate the creative, high quality work that surrounds you. Here are five shops you don’t want to miss out on.*images courtesy of each shop*

W/M Goods
Indie magazines, high-end wool coats, paraben-free beauty products? W/M has you covered. And we guarantee you won’t want to leave the store once you’re in it.

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The Meadow
This shop is the place to head for the friends and family that adore supreme quality food. A variety of salts, seasonings, chocolates, and bitters from around the world will make your tastebuds water while you’re picking out a gift.


gilt + gossamer
This boutique in eugene is the perfect stop for all your fashion savvy babes. You can’t find boho essentials and must-have accessories this good anywhere else.

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Baby and Company
Seattle-based Baby & Co has fine clothes for those with the finest taste. Their goods are all superb quality, and a piece from their shop can spruce up the dullest of closets. They’re rebelling against the fast fashion industry with classy clothes that look as if they’ve waltzed right over from Europe.


Noun: a person’s place for things
If you’re looking for a gift that can’t be found elsewhere, noun has it. A piece of its collection of vintage furniture, jewelry, and other odds and ends is a nostalgic gift to the person who has everything but deserves more than a new shirt or purse.






splash of something different


Recently I’ve been inspired by the art of something different. My mind has been wandering to new ideas and gravitating towards dreams that dare to be more wild and more bold than the current.

While the routine of a daily ensemble may seem insignificant to some, it reserves a unique space in my list of priorities. Today I’m upgrading a typical all-black outfit with the only scarf I own that masters a fall-color palette and a new lip color that gives this look a whirl of its own.

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boutique bought sweater, naturally knotty scarf, topshop denim, topshop booties | whirl lip from mac

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I’m surprisingly inspired by the usually avoided pop of color. Stay tuned for more projects coming your way! Xo.

November Inspo Board


We’re smack dab in the middle of November and the thought of cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and holiday events are constantly on my mind. I know many of you are in the midst of heavy loads of homework, finals and midterms, and stressful work projects. Sometimes it feels nice to take a break and look at reminders of why november is such a beautiful month.

Here’s a curation of pictures to wrap you up in the warm, tasty, stylish blanket that is november.






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what I like about you


Things I like about this shoot: style inspo from The Romantics and being surrounded by courageous women in pursuit of their dreams.

Ever heard someone say, “Respond to every call that excites your spirit”? This thought is certainly breathing through this new shoot brought to you by Simplicity Photo. My best friend just launched her own photography business (give her a follow!) and given my love for fashion and photoshoots, I have to say, we make quite the team.

Here’s to starting your Monday with 80s beats, people that make you passionate and the things that excite your spirit.

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francesca’s romper, urban outfitters choker, silverado necklace, nashelle necklace

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free people booties

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continuing the conversation through liberation


I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this election. I’m sick of the hate, and I’m sick of the new division between people.
I have began to look past the blue side and the red side of this election. Believe it or not, there is something far more substantial at hand here than politics. what I mean by that, is we aren’t talking about pieces of paper with laws that seem so unrelated to our lives. 

We aren’t talking about candidates. 

We aren’t taking about “my side or your side.” 

With this election, we are talking about people; their fear, concerns, rights, safety and humanity.
At this point, I no longer care about the “qualifications of either candidate.” I say that lightly, because a commander and chief of the United States of America should be qualified.

What I mean is I care about the well being of the people who are supposed to be protected, represented and respected by the candidate elected more than anything else. Republican or democrat, you can’t tell me one is more capable than the other. Both parties consist of people with the ability to care. Humanity shouldn’t be political.

Now, with the president chosen and determined, it’s time to more forward. I am NOT talking about forgetting, or lying down, or “going with the flow”. I’m talking about approaching the fears we have head on, and conquering them and solving them with that power. With us uniting and overcoming these fears, we can proceed as one nation who feels safe to be here. we can proceed as a nation that fosters the love we have welcomed in over the last 8 years. no president can take that away from us, and no one president can stop us.

This was all triggered by an instance that occurred the other night in which I felt fear. Fear as a woman, and fear as citizen. This is a fear that I believe to be a result of the election, and the malicious, elitist fog that has settled over our country with the end of the election.

Last night, I felt as though my safety was compromised in the cab of a tow truck with a man who made me feel very unsafe and uncomfortable. I got home in one piece but was shaken and afraid. As I sat in the shower, I realized I needed to overcome this, so I could fight this. I realized I needed to do so through love and awareness.

Here is a documention of me combating and cleansing the fear I felt, the same way I did last night. These photos act as a symbol for me: the liberation we can feel if we choose to let go of hate, and let love in. These things scare me more than anything, but it’s time to fight that fear with power. In Hilary’s concession speech, she talked about always fighting for what matters.  It’s time to do that now.

Faux Fur Photo Diary


There’s something that feels so lavish about wearing (faux) fur. Throwing on a jacket can make you feel like the badass queen that you are. Amidst the stress that’s been circulating around our country currently (we’re looking at you 2016 election), sometimes it just feels nice to get creative and get your mind off things for a bit.

Faux fur has been a rad new trend that I’ve latched on to, and am still trying to find the guts to rock. If you’re considering a fur-lined purchase, try rocking it with skinny jeans and boots, or an edgy, leather mini skirt. There’s hundreds of ways to rock this, and if you’re one of those stylish souls, let us know how you style yours.

Faux fur coat from forever21, boots by Steve Madden from Nordstrom, jeans by Topshop from Nordstrom, bodysuit from T.J. Maxx, lipstick NYX.

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listen to the music


“Listen To The Music” is one of my all-time favorite songs on my Best of the Doobie Brothers record, and it just so happens this throwback tune, and the cover art, is inspiring today’s look.

A simple ensemble that is polished and clean, I love how these pieces effortlessly complement each other. I’d also be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessing over this western-style leather belt from HM.

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black leith t-shirt, hm belt, topshop denim

This song is one of a select few that I have recently resonated with me deeply.

“Don’t you feel it growing, day by day
People getting ready for the news
Some are happy, some are sad
Oh, we got to let the music play


We’ll be happy
And we’ll dance
Oh, we’re gonna dance our blues away”

This look takes me to a place where the jukebox plays all night long and the coffee cups are always full.

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found this little guy on my boot post-shoot

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I’ve got a good feeling about what’s to come. Listen to your music, dance your blues away + dream big for the week ahead! Xo.

when a celebration is in order…


Anna Wintour, the queen of fashion, is celebrating a birthday today. To celebrate a woman whose ambition, passion and conviction has revolutionized such a prominent industry, I’m featuring five inspirational women who inspire me to pour my heart and soul in to the things I love. Here goes.

1.) Anna Wintour – the queen, the legend, the editor in chief of Vogue. No explanation needed here. All hail.


2.) Rachel Schwartzmann  – founder and CEO of The Style Line. I love the approach this publication takes towards merging style and storytelling. Their work has an enticing sense of depth and overflows with inspiration. Not only is their content engaging and interesting, it is also thought-provoking, empowering and leaves me feeling exceptionally full of encouragement, the kind that serves as fuel to approach my day in a way that will make it count. Bravo, Rachel.


@rachelschwartzmann slayin’ the game


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courtesy of rachel’s instagram

3.) Emily Weiss  – founder and CEO of Glossier. Given my passion for natural beauty routines, social media and a tasteful aesthetic, it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with all things Glossier. From my milk jelly cleanser/balm dot com to Glossier’s instagram feed to the cute stickers that arrive with each new package, this brand is killin’ it. And Weiss is the ring leader behind the greatness.


emily weiss, the mastermind of glossier


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4.) Sophia Bush  – actress and activist. There are so many things to admire about Sophia Bush that it’s difficult to condense the list. The overarching detail about this lady boss is her heart for advocating for so many relevant and important issues. From education to environmental rights to political activism to animal adoption and equal rights. Bush empowers everyone around her, not just women. It’s my hope that all women can channel their inner Sophia Bush to believe in their power as an individual and to practice persistence and conviction in regards to their most valued beliefs.


sophia bush for sseko designs


a #mondaymantra post from sophia’s instagram. can I get an amen?


sophia visited sseko design’s HQ in uganda while I was working for sseko as an intern, and I love this picture of her working with sseko founder liz forkin-bohannon. anyone else a fan of conscious consumerism?

5.) Taylor St. Claire  – illustrator and graphic designer. Tayst, launched in 2015, is a collection of unique prints by St. Claire and her designs truly are making magic one illustration at a time. She has a unique ability to combine rich colors with eye-catching designs that create contrast through the use of delicate details. Her work has received much deserved praise from prestigious brands and she recently launched a line of mobile phone cases, and it appears as though that’s just the beginning. So stoked to see this girlboss diving in to her dreams.


from tayst website | about page


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girl power