artist spotlight: Sam San Román


This week, the ladies of v+v decided that we would scribe out 5 things that inspired us. These five things did not necessarily have to be fashion or music oriented, but needed to be 5 honest things that interest us.

Over the last year, I have become exponentially more interested in photography, and the artistic aspect of photography. One of my favorite photographers right now is lady boss Sam San Román.

Sam has taken photography to a whole new creative level. She photographs artists and fashion alike. Her style is clean, but intriguing and she has even taken some of her photographs and turned them into sellable t-shirts. One of the most admirable qualities to me about creatives is their ability to cross involve themselves in many assorted industries.

Sam has been a source of inspiration for me, and has a style that inspires me to shoot photos the way I do. Browse her gallery below, and give her a follow for your own inspiration.







all photos credited to and property of Sam San Román

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