nasty woman


If you’ve been on social media since the last presidential debate aired on Wednesday night, you may have gained some exposure to the feminism craze that has dominated social media. #IamANastyWomanBecause sparked a unique conversation in response to Trump’s comment referring to Clinton as a “nasty woman”. Now women everywhere are speaking up, letting their voices be heard, and contributing to a conversation that has gone completely viral.


^ These tweets are courtesy of the Huffington Post article cited above.

While V+V strives to focus on women empowerment more than politics, I wanted to take a minute to celebrate Nasty Gal‘s initiative in bringing this “movement” to life. Our girl gang has been persistent in our mission to align ourselves with the girlboss mentality and I have to say, political beliefs set aside, I am inspired seeing a popular brand use their platform to thoughtfully respond to relevant topics in pop culture.

In a recent article, Bustle’s Gabrielle Moss elaborated on what this idea of nasty means to her:

“I’m proud of my nastiness. Because do you know what “nasty” means? It means that I speak up when I see something that I think is wrong, even if I know it will make some people think that I am a jerk because their lives would have been easier if I had kept quiet. It means that I don’t swallow my words when I know they need to be said, even if said words will make someone think I’m not a “good” woman. Because I’m not a good woman. I’m a nasty woman. And I love it.”

On the note of nasty, Nasty Gal launched a new line of nasty woman products yesterday. And if that’s not enough to capture your interest, all the proceeds will go towards benefitting Planned Parenthood.

On a final note: whatever your political beliefs may be, remember to vote on November 8th!


nasty women unite tee + hillary clinton graphic tee


hillary clinton tote bag


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