International Day of the Girl


Here at velvet n’ vinyl we celebrate women every day. But a special day dedicated to the powerful women and girls across the world making incredible discoveries, conquering unfathomable challenges and creating phenomenal work is pretty exciting. Today I’m highlighting a few women, of every age and occupation, that are slaying the game no matter what they’re doing.

Cheryl Strayed
Cheryl’s books and writing are the epitome of overcoming adversity–even when you think you can’t. She’s intelligent and wise, and learned a host of lessons about herself and life after a rocky past. She never fails to offer words of encouragement and advice, and proves that you can choose what you want to do with your life, no matter what it throws at you.


Melissa and Amy Levin
This powerful sister duo are the creative founders behind CollegeFashionista. Their internship programs have been boosting the confidence of stylish women and men in college by giving them a chance to show their writing, editing and photography skills. CollegeFashionista’s community never fails to support one another, and always comes up with another amazing creative endeavor to pursue.

Nina Tandon
She’s the co-founder  and CEO of Epibone, the world’s first company that grows human bones for things such as skeletal reconstruction. By taking a patient’s stem cells, they can produce bone replacements for a variety of problems. A biomedical engineer, an author, a speaker and a teacher are just a few titles she goes by. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing this woman can’t do.


Becca Mccharen-Tran
she’s changing the face of the fashion industry with her unique fashion label’s (Chromat)  architectural lingerie and swimwear. Becca believes in supporting all body types and uses a wide range of different sized models in her shows. She’s dressed everyone from Beyoncé to Madonna, but still holds on to the values that make Chromat so incredible.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

She is one of the only authors, activists and feminists that has brought tears to my eyes and a burning passion for changing society’s harmful stereotypes, gender roles and expectations. Her words are undeniably moving, and her work is a must-read for every human being.


My girl gang
What happens when you put me in a room with three incredibly smart, witty, fashion savvy, music-literate women? I leave with enough inspiration for the rest of my life. Libby, Kristin and Baylee have all been driving forces behind the work I do for the blog and in life. Their motivation and dedication to every thing they do in life is absolutely phenomenal, and I’m so grateful I’ve had the chance to create with them.

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