peace of mind


Today, while listening to one of my favorite boston hits, I was struck by a line that I’ve sung off-key for years.

“People livin’ in competition, all I want is to have my peace of mind.”

This reflects something that’s been weighing on my heart lately: the existence of judgement and competition that exists in our society, specifically among women.

There’s a quote that reads “Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning your own”, and I think it speaks a truth that is loud and unable to be ignored. With the presence of social media and the way its influence reinforces misleading standards of beauty and glamour and popularity, our own sense of self-worth can suffer unintentionally. Constant exposure to the appearance, the social lives and the accomplishments of others can subconsciously impact the way we acknowledge and value our own appearance, social lives and accomplishments.

So today I’m turning the volume up on this Boston record a little louder with the hope that my girlboss friends out there will screech and sing and scream with me while we abandon the competition and embrace our peace of mind. Here’s to admiring each other’s beauty while still believing in our own.

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gypsy soul shirtdress, topshop denim, zara booties

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artist spotlight: Sam San Román


This week, the ladies of v+v decided that we would scribe out 5 things that inspired us. These five things did not necessarily have to be fashion or music oriented, but needed to be 5 honest things that interest us.

Over the last year, I have become exponentially more interested in photography, and the artistic aspect of photography. One of my favorite photographers right now is lady boss Sam San Román.

Sam has taken photography to a whole new creative level. She photographs artists and fashion alike. Her style is clean, but intriguing and she has even taken some of her photographs and turned them into sellable t-shirts. One of the most admirable qualities to me about creatives is their ability to cross involve themselves in many assorted industries.

Sam has been a source of inspiration for me, and has a style that inspires me to shoot photos the way I do. Browse her gallery below, and give her a follow for your own inspiration.







all photos credited to and property of Sam San Román

4 Stylish Ways to End October


As disheartening as it is, the beautiful month of October is quickly coming to a close. But all we can hope for is the same fun, beauty, and adventures to come in November and December. I was super ecstatic with all the lovely things fall brought with it. Crunchy, colored leaves, tasty pumpkin chais, fall foilage adventures, cozy and stylish clothes, and new projects and ideas. So while November gets closer, here’s 4 fun ways to kiss October goodbye.

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Take a fall adventure

There’s a lot of gorgeous, exciting endeavors to take in the fall. Whether it’s a covered bridge tour (they’re fun I promise), a last minute pumpkin patch run, or a harvest fest; there’s something for every babe. Bring a long a polaroid camera to capture some stylish, washed-out shots.

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Plan a fall photo shoot

I can’t think of a prettier time to grab your girls and style some outfits. A combination of the leaves, misty, rainy days, and faded colors creates some mysterious (but also bomb AF) photos.

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Have an autumn treats party

I love food almost as much as I love writing and fashion (maybe more). Autumn brings some of the best flavors back into season. Round up your babes and bake everything from cookies to pumpkin bread. Swirl some caramel apples, pour the sparkling cider, and celebrate all your accomplishments thus far.

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Schedule an art day

There’s plenty of rainy fall days to go around, so pick a day to relax and get your creativity flowing. It’s important to do things that keep you grounded, and feeling good about yourself. Sometimes colder months can bring unneeded stress and occasionally mental health problems. Be sure to love yourself and spend a day painting, drawing, writing, singing, or really anything that makes your heart sing.

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nasty woman


If you’ve been on social media since the last presidential debate aired on Wednesday night, you may have gained some exposure to the feminism craze that has dominated social media. #IamANastyWomanBecause sparked a unique conversation in response to Trump’s comment referring to Clinton as a “nasty woman”. Now women everywhere are speaking up, letting their voices be heard, and contributing to a conversation that has gone completely viral.


^ These tweets are courtesy of the Huffington Post article cited above.

While V+V strives to focus on women empowerment more than politics, I wanted to take a minute to celebrate Nasty Gal‘s initiative in bringing this “movement” to life. Our girl gang has been persistent in our mission to align ourselves with the girlboss mentality and I have to say, political beliefs set aside, I am inspired seeing a popular brand use their platform to thoughtfully respond to relevant topics in pop culture.

In a recent article, Bustle’s Gabrielle Moss elaborated on what this idea of nasty means to her:

“I’m proud of my nastiness. Because do you know what “nasty” means? It means that I speak up when I see something that I think is wrong, even if I know it will make some people think that I am a jerk because their lives would have been easier if I had kept quiet. It means that I don’t swallow my words when I know they need to be said, even if said words will make someone think I’m not a “good” woman. Because I’m not a good woman. I’m a nasty woman. And I love it.”

On the note of nasty, Nasty Gal launched a new line of nasty woman products yesterday. And if that’s not enough to capture your interest, all the proceeds will go towards benefitting Planned Parenthood.

On a final note: whatever your political beliefs may be, remember to vote on November 8th!


nasty women unite tee + hillary clinton graphic tee


hillary clinton tote bag


columbus fashion week: cher gowns


On the first day of Columbus Fashion Week, I traveled to Copious. Copious is a five star restaurant that was hosting Cher gowns by Bob Mackie. At this event, I got to view different intricate outfits worn by Cher herself. It was a very rare opportunity to witness Mackie’s talents alongside designers, professional photographers, and even fans wearing old Cher merchandise. The viewing was accompanied by cocktails and hors d’oeuvres fit for a queen.

The attention to detail on the mannequins were impeccable.The designs were derived from many different styles pulled from different time periods and cultures that individualized her personality. Her performances are recognizable even today because of her clothing choices. It was a true connection between music and fashion.

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70’s babe

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lots of crop tops!

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belly dancer vibes

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the original victoria’s secret angel?

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beautiful makeup and more conservative style

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love this color

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obsessed with these shoes and the reflection of the crystals

Fall-time Denim with CollegeFashionista + Levi’s


A few weeks ago I was invited to do a collab with CollegeFashionista and Levi’s. It was all about styling denim for fall and doing so in a way that reflects your personal style. As someone who obsesses over monochromatic, all-black/all-white, I must admit I was a bit hesitant about styling a pair of gray jeans.


I took this as an opportunity to try monochromatic with gray. I layered a chunky knit sweater with a speckled jacket. And to add a bit athleisure, I threw on my Stan Smiths.

img_0659Deep oxblood lipstick gives this look a little more of an autumn edge too.



the girlboss grind


You guys…. today one of my all-time favorite companies, Sseko Designs launched an epically exciting Kickstarter campaign that combines creativity, conscious consumerism and a style that is all your own. Insert a never-ending stream of heart-eye emojis. (!!!!)

What I love most about Sseko is their commitment to empowering women through fashion. The brand is now revolutionizing the relationship between creator and consumer with their design your dream sandal campaign that allows you to design what you love while giving young women in Uganda the opportunity to pursue their education. For any girlboss, this is a win-win! I urge you to consider donating to this wonderfully inspirational movement because these girlbosses are promoting the ways that women build women. To learn more about Sseko’s mission, take a minute to check out their story. Xo!


photo by baylee hart. graphic designer at sseko

[ see more of baylee’s work here ]

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silver crossover slide designed in partnership with sophia bush


photo by the lovely emily scott / @emthegem


photo from sseko designs


photo from sseko designs

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wanderlust in my ssekos | sanibel island, FL


photo from sseko designs


by the ever so fabulous kat harris / @thekatharris



witchy wednesday.


Recently, I found myself inspired by art in fashion. I recently started taking a class in film and fashion, and have been psyched on the way they utilize angles to get a point across. I wanted to use that same idea for my wednesday outfit, a Forever 21 tunic dress, r.soles london ankle boots, Zara hat, and H&M trench. here is a wee photo gallery of my iPhone shoot.

International Day of the Girl


Here at velvet n’ vinyl we celebrate women every day. But a special day dedicated to the powerful women and girls across the world making incredible discoveries, conquering unfathomable challenges and creating phenomenal work is pretty exciting. Today I’m highlighting a few women, of every age and occupation, that are slaying the game no matter what they’re doing.

Cheryl Strayed
Cheryl’s books and writing are the epitome of overcoming adversity–even when you think you can’t. She’s intelligent and wise, and learned a host of lessons about herself and life after a rocky past. She never fails to offer words of encouragement and advice, and proves that you can choose what you want to do with your life, no matter what it throws at you.


Melissa and Amy Levin
This powerful sister duo are the creative founders behind CollegeFashionista. Their internship programs have been boosting the confidence of stylish women and men in college by giving them a chance to show their writing, editing and photography skills. CollegeFashionista’s community never fails to support one another, and always comes up with another amazing creative endeavor to pursue.

Nina Tandon
She’s the co-founder  and CEO of Epibone, the world’s first company that grows human bones for things such as skeletal reconstruction. By taking a patient’s stem cells, they can produce bone replacements for a variety of problems. A biomedical engineer, an author, a speaker and a teacher are just a few titles she goes by. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing this woman can’t do.


Becca Mccharen-Tran
she’s changing the face of the fashion industry with her unique fashion label’s (Chromat)  architectural lingerie and swimwear. Becca believes in supporting all body types and uses a wide range of different sized models in her shows. She’s dressed everyone from Beyoncé to Madonna, but still holds on to the values that make Chromat so incredible.


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 

She is one of the only authors, activists and feminists that has brought tears to my eyes and a burning passion for changing society’s harmful stereotypes, gender roles and expectations. Her words are undeniably moving, and her work is a must-read for every human being.


My girl gang
What happens when you put me in a room with three incredibly smart, witty, fashion savvy, music-literate women? I leave with enough inspiration for the rest of my life. Libby, Kristin and Baylee have all been driving forces behind the work I do for the blog and in life. Their motivation and dedication to every thing they do in life is absolutely phenomenal, and I’m so grateful I’ve had the chance to create with them.

girlboss moment


As some of you know, our girl Melissa spent the past month in London working as an intern for Suitcase Magazine. As if scoring an internship at a magazine like Suitcase isn’t enough to make you marvel at the talent of this incredible girl, take a look at her most recent article: an interview with none other than DJ king, Steve Aoki. (insert crying emoji)


I think this article embodies Melissa’s strengths as a writer – specifically her ability to merge professionalism and creativity, and execute the combination in a manner that is as enticing as it is compelling. I am constantly inspired by Melissa’s persistence in pursuing her dreams and couldn’t be any prouder to see her taking her future by storm.