Mini Style Guide: London


Sorry americans, your Nike calf socks and swoosh tees just won’t cut it if you want to blend in with the Brits. Style is taken seriously here, and I’ve noticed a few observations with the time I’ve had so far. Here are a few notes on a couple places to shop and things to wear so you’ll be prepared to walk among some of the most well-dressed people I’ve ever seen.

If you’re not looking to spend gobs of cash on a new wardrobe, but you still want to look chic, Primark is your go-to. It’s somewhat the equivalent to a Forever 21 but much bigger and has a larger array of clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products and even home wares.

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Another rad store for awesome deals on cute clothes. It’s the same thing as T.J.Maxx but with a “k.” Search for jumpers, boots, and purses here.

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Wear black-
I’ve been really happy with the amount of minimalism I’ve seen in London. Everything from the shapes of the outfits to the colors and accessories, all boast muted colors and clean cut lines. Stay away from bright colors unless it’s lipstick or quirky shoes.

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Add some edge-
Many people claim the difference between american style and british style (aside from the laziness often found in the USA) is how edgy it is. Soft, fluid pieces are more typical on americans, so try out a new leather jacket, some cool biker boots or a short mini skirt.

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Dress up denim-
Here, denim isn’t just worn with a t-shirt and a pair of flip-flops. It’s in the form of a vintage denim jacket worn with a flouncy minidress and some cool street shoes, or a pair of ripped, high-waisted boyfriend jeans, a leather jacket and some wedge heels. Class up your denim and stray away from the “sunday loungewear” look.

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Minimal makeup with glam touches-
While you might wear more makeup when going out in London, days at the office, going to a cafe or running errands are a different story. Londoners are really good about enhancing their natural features with a few swipes of mascara, a pretty pink lip, or some glowy highlighter. when putting makeup on in the morning, try taking out one step.

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