5 tips for thrifting fabulously


We’ve probably all done it at least once in our lives, but are we really taking advantage of it? And no… I’m not talking about using your moms netflix account, I’m talking about


Yep, I said it. Secondhand shopping. The most genius way to save money, and most financially savvy way to keep your clothes circulating, and keep your pieces cheap. (Not to mention cute!) Afraid to take the plunge? Here’s 5 tips to help you get started at your nearest goodwill, buffalo exchange, crossroads trading, vintage shop or secondhand clothing retailer!

1. Shoes are always a good place to start. I find most of my best secondhand pieces are shoes, and they are often the most organized section at secondhand stores. If you’re nervous about shopping this way, this is a good place to start!

2. Shop ahead. How many of you have paid over 120 dollars for winter clothes? Buffalo Exchange has cheap and inexpensive pieces at the end of every season. but now, wear later!

3. Don’t forget about jewelry! You can find striking, cheap and good quality jewelry at secondhand stores! Be willing to find the diamond in the rough, and you can come away with some amazing pieces.

4. Keep your eye out for statement pieces and basics. A sequined joes jeans jacket for new years that retails around $130? Try $35 at Buffalo Exchange. A classic pair of wear-around-anytime booties? $20. You’d never have a clue they were used!

5. It’s not always about the brand, but sometimes it is! Make sure you’re getting a good deal on something before you buy. It never hurts to google a brand, and see if you’re getting as good of a deal as you’re thinking you are! Rag and Bone pants for $37 and Paige skinnies for $30 are unarguably good deals. With brands such as forever 21, or knitwear, it doesn’t hurt to double check!

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