A Fine Line


We always want what we can’t have, but I’ve found that surrounding yourself with the right babes and making positive self-talk a priority, you can change that. I know many of us have a never ending list of things we’d like to change about ourselves (if you don’t YOU KEEP DOING YOU, GIRL!!!!); and one of the things on mine is my hair. I often complain about the complete and utter lack of volume, my roots showing, and the lifeless, limp show it puts on when I just need it to look good. But whether I like it or not, it’s mine and I’ve worked to put some products and advice together for those who can relate.


My sister is fortunate enough to wake up every morning with a voluminous mane of wavy locks that’s ready to face the day. Mine looks similar to a sub par bird’s nest, so obviously some effort needs to go into it. I highly recommend teasing your hair gently with a comb, and using a fabulous hairspray to hold it up. If dreaded flatness attacks, spruce it up with some dry shampoo, which we’ll get to in a minute.


I seem to have blonde dysmorphia, and no matter how light I go, it just never seems to be white enough. The unfortunate fact is that my hair isn’t naturally platinum and roots rear their ugly heads about three weeks later. Luckily, Clairol and Batiste have some love to share. Clairol purple shampoo will keep your hair white, bright, and bouncy (bye, bye ugly yellow!) And Batiste dry shampoo will not only take away grease and amp up the volume, its white pigment can be used on roots to lighten them up before your next touch up.


About five minutes after curling my hair and feeling bomb af, things take a turn for the worse and every fab curl basically turns into a droopy string. If you mouthed, “omg me too” at the computer screen, here are my recommendations: use day old hair. Spruce it up with some dry shampoo, and you’ll have much better luck holding a curl. Hairspray when necessary. I try to do half my head first and spray it, then do the other half and spray. And lastly, brush your hair out a bit and spray again. I used to avoid this fearing it would pull my curls out, but it’s actually helped add volume and give me waves that stay.

Good luck my fine-haired babes! Let us know what you use to keep your hair on point!


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