for the love of vinyl


HAPPY NATIONAL VINYL RECORD DAY. Yes, that’s a thing, and it’s today. So naturally today is the best day ever. If the name of this blog doesn’t accurately convey my love for vinyl, then maybe this post will convince you…

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Since y’all already know all about my favorite records stores in Portland, let’s celebrate this legendary holiday by considering the most played records of my collection. (drumroll please…)


  1. James Taylor / James Taylor’s Greatest Hits – This record is one of my favorites for two reasons. For starters, it’s a staple of my dad, who passed down his own record collection to me. It also is a great record for so many different things: savoring the stillness of the morning, some comfort on a rainy day and to fill the silence while you’re cooking a spaghetti dinner after a long day.
  2. Boston / Boston – There’s no bad tunes on this record, so obviously it’s a go to. Between Peace of Mind, Rock ‘n’ Roll Band and Foreplay / Long Time, there’s something about this record that gives you more than a feeling. (Debatably the best song on the track, just saying.)
  3. Fleetwood Mac / Rumors – This list wouldn’t be legit without my favorite British-American rock band. From Go Your Own Way to Landslide to Everywhere, I can’t get enough of Fleetwood Mac, but there’s no doubt about it that this album is hands down my favorite.
  4. Billy Joel / Piano Man – Sing us a song of the piano man? Sing us that song all night. Billy Joel is so talented; his music and lyrical style gives me chills. I may be slightly biased given this record evokes so many childhood memories but nonetheless, it is a go-to when I’m looking for a record.greatest-hits-534690d6ca170





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