5 most instagrammable cafés


If there’s one thing I love more than fashion, it’s coffee and chai tea. But it can’t just be any café that I take my triple shot, extra caramel, coconut milk mocha macchiato. I think the aesthetic of a place is just as important as its drinks. A place where fashionistas can enjoy their coffee without sacrificing style. So what if you’re someone that bases their travel itinerary off of the most Instagrammable restaurants and cafés? We’re allowed to like pretty things dammit.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the prettiest cafés where you can combine your love of fashion, and sip your favorite drink.

Tailored Coffee- I’m obviously impartial to this place because it’s in Eugene, but every time  I bring someone to it, I start with the line “it’s me if I were turned into a coffee shop.”

The Daily Harvest- focused on local and organic foods and decked out in white and blue aztec tile, it’s hard to find a prettier place to enjoy a breakfast wrap.

the daily harvest

Brunswick Café- If there’s succulents and coffee you know my iPhone and I will both be present. also, who can turn down fresh squeezed lemonade?


Biscuiteers- It’s black, white, and biscuit all over. It’s any minimalist’s, Instagram (and intestinal) dream.

biscuiteers london

FIKA cafe- With it’s glorious book wall (a wall plastered with the pages of books) it’s the perfect place for bookworms and avid caffeine consumers alike.

fika cafe

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