August’s White Hot Mood Board


While our last kick of summer is still going strong, I decided to take a minor break (major break for me) from black and pay tribute to my other favorite neutral: white. Whether it’s cozy knits making us reminiscent of fall or painted white toes on the white tiles of our favorite boutiques, we can’t help but crush on this airy tone. So before the cooler, warmer, and darker hues come storming through our closets once again, here’s a mood board to inspire you for your last stint of warmth.


We love our white, but there’s nothing like some chic nudes.


white shoes

We always love a good white sneaker.


white jeans

You can’t go wrong with white on white and a chunky knit.


white greece

We also can’t help of dreaming of creamy white villages in Greece.

White walls and palm fronds.

Chic coffee shop vibes.

White walls and a black ensemble; a classic.

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