A Babe’s Guide to Black Boots


Although we have about a month left of summer, now is the perfect time to start the search for your most treasured pair of boots. We might be biased here at V+V but there’s just something about a pair of black boots that leave us feeling put together, sexy, and confident. Because our favorite hue is undoubtedly black, and boots are our go-to shoes no matter if it’s 90 degrees or snowing, we’ve compiled a quick guide to finding the perfect fit.

Shop sales
The Nordstrom anniversary sale is going on babes and those boots you’ve been eyeing for the past few months are most likely marked down. Be sure to check your favorite stores for sales on fall booties before fall is actually here.

Hunt through resale, vintage, and boutiques
V+V babes Kristin and Libby both second the importance of shopping on vintage pages, scouring resale stores, and finding unique boutiques for the boots of your dreams. This will also ensure that you’ll be the only one rocking that pair to your internship, classes, or outings.

Find your style
the amount of styles, brands, heel-heights, and other details can be super overwhelming. I recommend flipping through the pages of your favorite mag or do some infinite scrolling through Pinterest to find what looks you like best. you never know, you might prefer a pointed toe, or an over-the-knee look.

Don’t settle
It’s important to be weary of the quality of your boots before you purchase. Forever 21 and H&M booties are going to wear and break in a lot different than Frye’s or Steve Madden’s. if you’re okay with paying $20 so you can have some to throw on and go then that’s great! But if you’re looking to drop around or over $100, then make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

Best of luck boot hunting, babes! Be sure to plaster your social media with your new kicks so we can drool over them here at V + V!




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