stories collective p. II: a unique approach to fashion editorial


Last Thursday, I shared my feature on Stories Collective‘s diary on V+V, and truth be told I’m still blushing over it. It was such a humbling experience getting a behind the scenes look at how these girlbosses approach the art of fashion editorial.


( ^^ Seriously, how cool is this?!)

Today, I’m so excited to give you guys a look at their creative process and a glimpse at what goes in to what they do.

VV: What inspired you and Gabriela to start stories collective?

ML: Me and Gabriela were a bit frustrated that we could not have much creative freedom at our previous jobs. We worked for many top stylists and magazines but were never able to fully express our creativity and do things our way. We were full of ideas and we wanted to work with them, our goal was to create meaningful concepts for our editorials and not be to too stuck up on trends. Also, at the time we had recently graduated from our Master’s in Fashion Media Production at London College of Fashion. We had been studying a lot about digital media and the possibilities of online platforms, [so] all this combined brought the inspiration for starting our own online magazine, Stories Collective.


VV: How do you style and plan the look and feel of a new issue?

ML: Every issue starts with a meeting where we bring together things we had been researching at the moment. It could be anything from random inspirations we see on the street, people’s behaviors or even a book we are reading. Me and Gabriela are very visual people so after the first briefing we start researching imagery which gives form the issue´s aesthetic.


behind the scenes


VV: At Velvet + Vinyl, we believe women can be empowered by their sense of style, whatever it may be. As such, I resonated with the following line featured in your “About” page: “Simple or complex, mundane or extraordinary, analytic or artistic – all human expressions are explored.” What role do you think self-expression has in terms of influencing an individual’s sense of style?

ML: With our style we are sending a non-verbal message to the world about ourselves, everyday when you choose your clothes you are expressing your individuality. Our individual sense of style is a medium for self-expression and expressing yourself is one of the most empowering things people can do.

VV: What’s your go-to advice as it pertains to styling a photoshoot?

ML: Don´t be afraid of trying things out and always follow your gut.


VV: Which issue is your favorite and why?

ML: It is so difficult for me to choose only one favorite, as I believe every issue has their own story behind it and the themes do represent our deepest emotions.

I absolutely love the Fun & Colours issue. This was our second and it was so amazing doing it. Me and Gabriela styled more than 5 editorials for this edition so it really has our soul and hard work on it.


the fun and colours issue

Also the Elements issue is very special for me as it is all about nature and components that form our planet. For this edition we received collaborations from all around the globe and it truly shows many landscapes that surround us. Also it represents this desire of connecting with mother earth, from the smallest chemical reactions to the basic elements such as fire, water, air, earth and spirit.


the jawbreaker issue

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