Seattle Photo Diary


This weekend, a trip up to Deattle provided me with some inspirational photo ops. everything from the Space Needle to the OG Nordstrom to Molly Moon’s ice cream left me with color and texture envy.

For those of you rearing to go to the pacific northwest, here are a few highlights you can’t miss out on.

(Obviously) the original Nordstrom
If you want the most amazing, overstimulating, fashionable experience, you’ve found it. With 6 floors of style, you’ll never want to leave. Zara is also nearby, and if you’re a fashionista from Oregon, you know that we’re Zara-deprived.

Via Tribulani
It’s not just a pizza place. It’s a slice of Italy shoved into a dimly lit room. Don’t be fooled by it’s hard wood benches and candlit bathroom; the pizza will be the most orgasmic thing that ever touched your taste buds.

The original Starbucks
This seems like one of those tourist traps that really isn’t worth it. But I must say that the baristas’ humor, kindness, and recommendations make the (suprisingly quick) line worth it. I also drank the best iced coconut milk caramel mocha macchiato I’ve ever had.

Show Pony Boutique
The aesthetic of this Fremont boutique is darling, and it’s nearly impossible to leave without buying a cactus in a pot or a leather bag. go with plenty of time to browse and try on.


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