Underground brands.


I want to give you three brands have you ever received a mixtape from a friend, clad with new music that opens doors to even more new music? Those moments are my absolute favorite. finding new things to add variety to my life has become a goal I have set for myself, and am constantly trying to fulfill it with different types of things everyday.

I want to give you three brands that your closet needs. You may not have heard of them, but that is the beauty of it. They are slightly unheard of, or completely unique in style. Check em out.

1. Perspectives global. A brand based out of oregon, and a super trendy take on streetwear. The modern, sleek look and artistic element incorporated in is truly genius, and will add serious dimension to your closet.

2.Represent. A british brand that is edgy and clean. A little more on the expensive side, but these pieces are totally one of a kind. These chelsea boots have just been released, and all the color ways are selling out ridiculously quick. Check em out!

3.Sadboycrew. For the bold and rad. So adboycrew is a brand fostered by musicians, and those that follow the industry. You can spot all kinds of artists wearing this apparel, and don’t worry, there is a ‘sad girl line’ and it’s equally as epic.

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