the inside scoop from an aspiring fashion designer


V+V, meet Annie Backs.

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An artist at her core, Annie loves drawing, singing and designing apparel. Her passion for creating her own clothes developed as a result of a fashion design and construction course she took while in school. The course taught her the basics of sewing and sketching and the fundamental basics of fashion design. Acquiring this experience allowed the aspiring designer to delve deeper into the love of fashion and clothing she always had.

VV: What was your favorite project from your fashion class?

AB:  I most enjoyed the up-cycling project! It required us to take something old and make it new, so I bought an old gown from a thrift store for $3.50. I took it home, washed it, deconstructed it, and made it into a two-piece dress!

VV: What are five things that inspire your sense of style?


Bright colors

For me, clothing is a way to express yourself. I picture myself as a pretty happy person and typically gravitate towards bright colors. I think they’re really inviting and lively and that’s why I love them. I want to look happy, inviting and lively to other people, and a bright color palette conveys that.

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The 50’s

I absolutely love 50’s fashion. Skirts and off the shoulder tops are some of my favorites, and of course dresses too. I have a very girly sense of style.


50’s style dress that annie wore in a prom fashion show



I like to look on Pinterest and Instagram for outfit ideas, but I love finding unique clothing that you don’t see on many people. It could be something as little as finding a small boutique that not many people know about.


mom’s old denim jacket


My friends

I’m a people person and I think fashion is a great conversation starter. People can comment on the things you wear and give you their input and vice versa.

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best friend, amanda



I just made a fashion Instagram (@anniefashs) where I share my creations and different outfits that I love to wear. Not only do I like sharing these outfits, but I also love to look at other fashion blogger accounts to see what their personal style is. My favorites are @hellofashionblog and @thriftsandthreads. While my style is often girly, I appreciate so many other styles and I can do that by looking at other accounts.


VV: Are you working on any exciting projects right now?

AB: Yes! I’m working on my cousin’s wedding dress skirt. She has an ivory, floral, tea length dress and I’m making an ivory floor length skirt to go over it for the ceremony. The cool thing about this is that she wants to be able to see some faint coloring from the flowers through the tulle skirt that I’m making.

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the tulle being used to make the skirt

VV: Where do you see your love of fashion taking you in the future?

AB: I’m very interested in design, architecture, art, and planning and want to professionally pursue fashion design. my dream job is to be a celebrity stylist or have my own clothing line.

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