thrifted and threaded p. i


Today I’m kicking off part I of a two part series about one of my new favorite entrepreneurs, Michaela Rodgers, the founder of Thrifted and Threaded.

For the first part of this launch, I want to share a photo gallery that embodies the aspects of Michaela’s life that inspire her designs. V+V is rooted in the notion that the things you love influence your sense of identity, and Michaela’s designs attest to this in every way.

You’ll see that Michaela draws inspiration from colors, textures, patterns, architecture and energy from a multitude of places and spaces.

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“The idea for my brand, Thrifted and Threaded, started because I buy about 90% of my clothes from thrift stores, and I have always been a creator. I find satisfaction in taking something old and outdated and making it new and trendy. My inspiration comes from many different outlets, and often my environment has a lot to do with my creativity. Whether I am living in the city or at the beach, the energy of the environment always manifests itself in my designs. I also like to make myself a cute workspace wherever I am; that really helps me to get the creative juices flowing.”

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“Photography inspires me a lot. I take my polaroid camera with me everywhere. The simplicity of those photos is something I try to translate into my designs.”

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“Journaling has always been my primary outlet for my creativity, and I often sketch designs there. My journal is full of designs that are still waiting to be brought to life.”

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“Finally, I spend a lot of time finding inspiration through others’ creativity. This means that I spend a lot of time scrolling on Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. I never want to copy anyone else, but sometimes seeing how others get creative sparks new ideas in my own mind.”

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While these images may be mistaken for the makes of a charming or pretty aesthetic or the work of an artsy photographer, they contribute to the very thing that makes Thrifted and Threaded so unique. Tune in tomorrow for an exclusive look at Michaela’s line and to see what it’s all about!



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